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"Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

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I dunno if anyone has talked about this (since I haven't gone through the 21 pages of posts....and sifted through the drama, the yelling, the complaining and what not) but I think when he gets back, something should be done for Yak in appreciation for his hard work. He went without sleep to provide a free service for thousands of people...many of which who bitch and complain when even the smallest detail is out of place. Such a job can feel thankless and I say we make damn sure he doesn't feel that way about it.

Art, a massive thank you e-card, making the day FA comes back online "Yak Day" where we all celebrate how he sacrificed his blistered, bandaged, and bleeding paws (c'mon...mashing all those buttons, installing all those components...my hands would get chapped too!)

Let's make him feel appreciated (not to belittle the work the other admins have done but you get the idea)
This thread (and now turned-against-each-community) is just like the cat that's sitting at my feet right now. Sometimes, she bothers the hell out of me... but most of the time, I'm glad to have her around. I find it a rather decent comparison to FA... as a lot seem to be at each other's necks, questioning each other's opinions until all you can manage to type is 'ugh.. shut up.. shut up...' But I know you'll all be rather glad when it returns.


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This is why I hate Forum Wars due to one site is down.

I wasn't aware this was a war or anyone was going at each other's throats. o.o This is relatively peaceful compared to what I'm used to seeing when I see the words 'forum war'


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-scratches her head and tilts her head-

<insert a sentence here> :3


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I'm not complaining that you're complaining, I'm complaining over the REASON you're complaining. This is a PUBLIC forum, it shouldn't matter to you at ALL if someone else is complaining about something that is reasonable to complain about. No one here is going "I'M BOYCOTTING FURAFFINITY" over this, so just shut up and let the people vent.

And I totally agree. :) I'm just astounded at the arguing going on *from* the complaining, that's all. I agree with what you originally posted that people should argue in a civil manner. It is a public forum, that is true, but some of the things being said are just not necessary, such as the name calling and bashing. T'is not civil.


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As a Goon myself, I have to say that SA is leagues better than eBaums world and /b/.

For god sake people, stop reading GBS, FYAD, YCS, and LF. Of COURSE you'll see nothing but trolls and assholes.

Goons represent!

*terrorist fistjab*

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Not sure if your being satirical or serious, either way, it's pretty damn funny at the way your reacting (as is the mass response to this issue).

Sarcastic with all the anger noises, serious with what i said

To make it more clear I HATE 1: "lulz they want porn" AND 2: "typically furry" comments, i'm patient but these get my piss to boil
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Oh, and just for Dragoneer and the others, please do not set a deadline ever again UNLESS YOUR VERY CERTAIN WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN WILL HAPPEN ON THAT DATE
Q: What'd we leeeaaarn?
A: More than we would have liked. :| But in the end, we're not that far off target.

Q: What happened to Monday?
A: Bahamut finally died a grisly, ultimate death and we had some files left on it still on the coding side. In the end, the RAID controller failed and made Monday delayed. The old data server is officially DOA.

Q: Your bad?
A: Yeah, our bad.

Q: Search?


^^^^^^^^^^ (edited out quote to make page load faster :) )

(figured you could use a new one)
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Plus, we've all be more or less lied to several times within recent weeks, so everyone has the right to complain. If you find it immature, then you don't know what maturity is. Maturity is not 'I don't complain', it's 'I'm civil when I complain and I don't demand immediate action to rectify my displeasure'.
Yup, you've been lied to, but with what intent?

1. Heh, this deadline schtik is hilarious! The power over these retards are giving me a major hardon. It's like dangling a string in front of a kitten, pulling it away each time it jumps. I think I'll go and make them jump again!

2. Crap, this is taking way longer than we though. We're going to have to push up the deadline again. Crap on a fucking stick I wish this went more smoothly!

The admins have made it pretty clear which it is in their posts.

And many of those who complain do so in a fairly civil manner.
The minority is pretty vocal though, and of course the response lumps the assholes with the moderates, creating a counter-response from the moderates who feel put upon.

Heh, it's like watching a "How to make internet drama 101". ;)
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