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"Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

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.. i knew it..

May I suggest that next time if you are unsure of when the site will be ready to give an ESTIMATE and not call it a deadline please?

and considering you got 16,000$ in donations , it could be a VERY good idea to consider hiring someone.

I'm not DESPERATE for FA to return since I have not been in the mood to draw or submit lately , but I can very much understand the frustration of those who donated and those who depend on FA as a social network to do business.

If FA is not looking like it's going to be up for a month , tell it straight.
Cause the multiple deadline changes are only making you lose the credibility that was left to FA as a website. Keep the vagueness up and you will lose people for real.

Just saying.



.. i knew it..

May I suggest that next time if you are unsure of when the site will be ready to give an ESTIMATE and not call it a deadline please?

and considering you got 16,000$ in donations , it could be a VERY good idea to consider hiring someone.

I'm not DESPERATE for FA to return since I have not been in the mood to draw or submit lately , but I can very much understand the frustration of those who donated and those who depend on FA as a social network to do business.

If FA is not looking like it's going to be up for a month , tell it straight.
Cause the multiple deadline changes are only making you lose the credibility that was left to FA as a website. Keep the vagueness up and you will lose people for real.

Just saying.

Well...Technology is like a Bronco.
Heaven knows what'll happen. It's fast one day, then your motherboard is fried the next...
Unexpected things happen...>_>
So many people here, pissed off about FA, whining about how much it's screwing them... And yet here they stay, waiting for it to come back up, as if it's the only thing they have. Never mind that there are other websites, ones just as willing to take them in. With the almighty skewing power of nostalgia goggles and downright laziness it's almost a guarantee that although there are several other places many people could have gone to, places that would have gotten better if people showed support, they screwed themselves by staying in their rut. And then started bitching when it predictably stayed down for only a day or so longer. Boo fucking hoo.

did you guys even READ the announcement?

yak has been up for 48 hours! 2 days! without sleep! most likely working tirelessly so he can get the site working again, and when he finally is about the point of collapse (anyone who has stayed up for 2 days straight know what its like to actually have to think and do productive work with such little sleep), he decides to actually...take a break and catch some sleep before he puts the finishing touches on the site and be around in case shit hits the fan...and what happens? you guys bitch and moan!

ive only read a few pages of this 26 page long topic and already im angered with the amount of stupiditiy there is. They announced monday cause they thought it would be monday. Yak stayed up 2 whole days working on it so he could meet his goal....but he was wrong. Guess what, hes human, just like the rest of us. hes not perfect, or some sort of superhuman god. You guys have NO IDEA what issues there were when they got the server. none at all. i dont even know...so bitching that OMG ITS ONLY A SIMPLE FILE COPY, WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG? doesn't help cuase...guess what? if they are having to rewrite sections of the code, obviously something else is causing problems.

So to the people bitching and moaning about the deadline being passed, shut the hell up. He wasnt screwing around, he was working hard.

not to mention if they announced 'the site would be up when its done' you guys would still complain.

and the donations are jsut a one time thing, they dont have a constant stream of income...so hiring someone wont work cause what happens when they run out of money?
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WOO! I made it! I read to the end-as-of-the-moment of the thread! :D

...I feel stooipder now, tho' x.X


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so, yaks taking a break, and we're expecting FA up tomarow. so, is that still the situation or is there any new news?


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I'm disgusted by half the posts in this thread. Honestly, you're going to berate people because they missed a deadline? Let's think here - FA is a non-profit entity. They operate on donations, and they've done a good job showing where the money is going. However, Microsoft is a major technology corporation. How many deadlines do they miss per software life-cycle?

I'm seeing a pattern here though. It seems that a lot of you are ignorant to both technology and business. Let's start with the first - Just because we all refer to them as "servers" or "computers", doesn't mean they all run the same. Software, especially software developed on a single server without much cross-platform or cross-configuration testing, can require extensive reconfiguring and even rewriting when introducing new hardware or system configurations. It's not a simple matter of "A'wight Chuck! Fire'r up! YEEEEHAWWWWW" So get off that bandwagon before you make a fool of yourself. (Well, for the next time.)

On that, deadlines in technology are often sketchy. Given that these admins, as stated before and as PROVEN in their efforts, only want to give back to US - the fanbase - what they know we desire... they set an optimistic deadline. What, do you think for a second that they, too, felt no disappointment when FA wasn't up in all it's glory today? Are you THAT ignorant?

Going into business - FA doesn't charge for the service it provides, unlike some alternatives. Has any of you thought of this in all your ranting? Donations are not the same as a subscription fee. Now, you want to hire someone to do work on FA - okay... how? Are YOU offering to donate a consistant amount to pay for a salary developer? Or would you be willing to shell out on a contract one? Besides that, once again your ignorance is shining through here. You're basically saying that these admins and developers aren't good enough. That yak, who devoted 48 hours of his time - straight - isn't up to par for FA. I think you need to think less about yourselves, and your starving addiction to furry art, and more for those who are doing what they can to bring us the service we love and enjoy.

Oh, one more thing - if you're going to complain about the software development, I think you ought to qualify yourself some. Me? I'm well versed in PHP, all the .NET varieties, JAVA, C++ as well as C, among others that I've meddled with. I've set up and administered over a dozen "Internet Services" configurations (by that I mean a low-scale server designed to handle db, web, mail, and file for a small-sized project). I also had the pleasure of being a volunteer technician (and only technician) for a VDS hosting site (VDS = virtually dedicated server). I speak with years of experience backing me up. What do you have?


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This is absurd. The whole thing is absurd.

I don't get it. What's to gain by setting a deadline when you know you're not going to make it? You just piss people off and make them feel like they were stupid for believing in you.

Apparently, it doesn't pay to trust you, Dragoneer and Co.

So, what's the new deadline? A week? A month? A couple months? A freakin' year? What's it gonna take to get the damn website online again?

I mean no disrespect AlexInsane, but if you look at the message the admins left, they said it would be Tuesday, which is tomorrow. They said the site is just about ready to go, so you need to be patient just a little while longer. Remember, Yak has been up for 48 hours working very hard in trying to get the site up and running, he needs his rest, and I for one want him to get the rest that I feel he deserves, so that he can be refreshed and ready to go to get FA up and running again.

Complaining won't get FA up any faster, so have patience and you will be rewarded tenfold when FA returns tomorrow.
I personally am going to try to wait a few days before I go on when it goes back up. The traffic is going to be worse then the bay area at rush hour with construction.


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The assholes bitching about the site not being up can choke on it. Yak has given you people far more than you deserve. I can't imagine how discouraging it would be for him to work two days straight without sleeping because a RAID board failed on the old server where he was testing code, only to have you worthless mouthbreathers fall all over yourselves shitting out criticism as if you could do any better.

Let's just look forward to the site hopefully being up tomorrow or the next day.


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I'm just want to say that I'm truly grateful for the staff for donating their time and effort to get this website back up. Despite the fact that they keep on pushing back their set "deadlines" they just want to make sure that the final product is the best they can put up for the moment, so they won't have to encounter any more problems down the road. Being that Yak spent most of his off time working on codes, shows how dedicated he is to the site and how a professional is supposed to do it. Sure, people can get upset about them not meeting their said deadline, but the fact that they want to make sure the site is in fit condition. And with the abundant amount of donations to get the site back up and ready, I'm sure that they want to award the people who contributed with the best damn service that they can provide. Quality can only be obtained through time and effort. I'll take quality any day.

Fur Affinity Staff, I thank you.


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and considering you got 16,000$ in donations , it could be a VERY good idea to consider hiring someone.

A one time surge of $16k isn't enough to hire someone to work on a site, especially when over 75% went to hardware and almost all of what's left is going to be eaten by the IRS or by bandwidth bills.


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Wow...actually read through all 30 pages before posting this... O.O

I dunno if anyone has talked about this (since I haven't gone through the 21 pages of posts....and sifted through the drama, the yelling, the complaining and what not) but I think when he gets back, something should be done for Yak in appreciation for his hard work. He went without sleep to provide a free service for thousands of people...many of which who bitch and complain when even the smallest detail is out of place. Such a job can feel thankless and I say we make damn sure he doesn't feel that way about it.

Art, a massive thank you e-card, making the day FA comes back online "Yak Day" where we all celebrate how he sacrificed his blistered, bandaged, and bleeding paws (c'mon...mashing all those buttons, installing all those components...my hands would get chapped too!)

Let's make him feel appreciated (not to belittle the work the other admins have done but you get the idea)

A big paw to all those trying to get FA back up and running, especially Yak! I think Smokescale's idea is great...and no, no one had said a thing about that before or up to now. Very generous and kind thought.

When I heard the "deadline" was Monday...I said to myself "if it's up by Friday I'll be happy". Getting upset over a deadline set on a free site is silly.

As for the posts...man, I haven't laughed so much in quite awhile! The complainers, the complaint complainers, the experts, the expert debunkers, the porn fanatics, and the porn haters...thanks to all of you for making for an entertaining evening!

isthisagoodname had one of the best posts - about the page length growing as fast as he could read! That's exactly what I was thinking when I got to his post on page 11...and I had 19 more pages to go!

But the best joke of all was the one about hiring Temps to finish the job.

Oh. Wait.

You were actually serious about that?


If you are running a business you should have your own site... and be able to build a better avatar.

Wow, all I can say is I've lost all respect for you seeing your replies in this thread. Sorry that not everyone is up to your standards.

I've felt the crunch form FA being down as most of my commissions come through there. Even selling on Furbuy has been slow without a major place to advertise. I do have a DA account, but I haven't recieved a commission through there in years. Same with advertising on the forums. I also have two pieces that are packaged and totally ready to mail out, but the address info is tied up in FA notes. I was supposed to mail these a month ago, but was unable to since the site went down. I'm seriously worried about this delay damaging my reputation as an artist. I advertise through other sources, but FA is where I get the most traffic and commission inquiries. In three weeks I was commissioned by 5 people, and on other sites I was lucky to get 5 a YEAR. I'm not complaining too much though, I have a full-time job. :]

Anyways. The site will be up soon enough, I'm quite sure you guys can get your porn elsewhere until then. Quit whining, you've waited a month already, a few more days to wait for new improved coding isn't too much to ask.


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Reading FA status updates is like exchanging mails with an Ebay guy whom you suspect of scamming you, only a good deal more pathetic cause here you don't have to suspect something has gone terribly wrong. It really, really has.

Well, we have been waiting forever for FA to return to it's new and improved status for quite some time, but in terms of time and effort and not to mention manpower, I am sure we will wait a bit longer.


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[22:32] <wolfsangel> oh Dragoneer, im going to lol hard then kill myself if the FA crashes due to thousands of uploaded
[22:32] <Citronne> That is true. Plus the close-knitness. You can get noticed on FA easier than on DA.
[22:32] <wolfsangel> uploads*
[22:32] <Dragoneer> Uhm, crash? No. Get slow? Possibly.
This has been a very busy thread tonight!
I hope Yak is enjoying his rest. He definitely deserves it. I wish I could magically send him a big batch of chocolate chip cookies as a "Thank You" for all his hard work.


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Wow.. there's alot of comments on this. Look, people are pissed that FA is down and I was in that group.. but you know what? It'll get fixed and it will be up and running.. when? Dunno. But would you rather have it up and running now and crashing every five minutes or wait a few days and have a STABLE FA that everyone can enjoy.

Oh and I talked to Damaratus over AIM and he's just as eager to get the site up and running more than anyone else. He even said when I asked him about what about when he was at FA:U.. and I quote

"Trust me, there wasn't a day at that convention that I wasn't asked about the site or concerned about it."

So you see? The reason that they went to FA:U is well.. FA:U was slotted for months before this disaster. They couldn't just up and leave all those people hanging! They needed time to plan and time to get things done. Now that FA:U is over and done with they can get back to focusing on getting FA up and running.

Alot of people are fighting against each other.. and you know what? That's fine .. let 'em fight for right now.. when FA's up it'll be all forgotten.


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... People, yikes. The poor man has been up for 48 freaking hours to get this site up, and this is how you show your appreciation? I'd suggest walking in his shoes before complaining, you know?

It could be worse, the site could just never come back. What would you'd rather people? Waiting a little longer or losing fA all together?

Yak, you get all the rest you need. Thank you so much for trying, and I'm sure when it's up, it'll be worth it.
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