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Furries and you: A FLAWLESS guide for the newly initiated.


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(Please listen to this as you read: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOZu3NiBjBk)
Congratulations, newcomer, and welcome to the world of being a furry!
Of course, you probably haven't learned all you need to know about this lifestyle, and therefore are quite confused.
What is yiffing? How do I make a fursona? and I CAN'T DRAW SO I CAN'T BE A FURRY!! are several frequently used comments and questions from new furs.
Fortunately for you, I have gone out of the way to introduce you to this.
First off, we shall answer several questions about the general furry fandom, including terms and traditions that furries use.

Q: What is yiffing?
A: "Yiffing" is the furry term for sex, and is only used seriously. Where "I really want to have sex with you." is a complete joke, "I want to yiff you tenderly~" means that the person in question truly wants to molest the other.

Q: How do I make a furry persona?
A: A furry persona, more commonly known as a "fursona," is how you will be viewed on the internet forever. For instance, if you say in your fursona that you have a paw fetish, you will be forever known as "Pawraper McGee" Or some such title. Some things are discouraged in fursonas, such as: attention to detail, original backstories, and good personalities.

Q: I can't draw worth shit, does this still mean I can be a furry?
A: Absolutely not! If you cannot draw your own stuff, you are welcome nowhere in the furry fandom, and should pursue another, less art-orientated interest, such as stamp collecting. If you hire another person to draw a ref sheet for you, you will be shunned, and known throughout the fandom.

Q: Hugs and cuddling seem to be popular traditions throughout furries. Is it?
A: Yes, but only as a precursor to yiffing (see above). If you hug another furry, even through the internet, you are inviting them to have sex with you.

Q: Is Role Playing discouraged?
A: Not at all! Feel free to start an RP thread at any time, any board! Even the FAQ board is open to RPer's.

That seems to cover everything about furries!
Now that you are informed of this brilliant, wonderful fandom, have fun, and good luck!


Ohhh I get it. You're being ironic.

My question is "Is it acceptable in the furry fandom to start threads about ones fetishes." Just wondering <.< :V


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Noobies, listening to Riho is discouraged.


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a quality den topic for once!

i wanna yiff you so bad right now...


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Cant draw...i'll see myself out :(


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I draw through words. I can create a scene of tranquility or a scene of absolute chaos with only words. That requires talent, and although I admit that it is a skill that is not as highly valued as artwork, I feel as if I can create an aesthetic piece that can compare to a piece of artwork.

So... Screw you, I draw in literature.


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Peer Review Addendum:

You are required to be nice at all times, no matter what. Sharing what you actually think is a social faux pas, you are expected to stay as PC and sensitive as possible. No one likes an aggressive person, so you should always be passive when being aggressive.


These things usually work better when they're actually funny, rather than simply stating opposites.


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Im more scared that some furries will take this seriously.


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I think this whole 'yiff' stereotype is being worn a bit thin on here recently.


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Q: Can I use the word "hate" to mean whatever I want it to?

A: Of course you can!!! Somebody correct your anatomy or drawing style? They HATE you. Somebody tell you that you are wrong and here is why? They HATE you. Somebody expose your reasoning or attitude as naive or childish? They HATE you. Somebody diss your favorite color? THEY HATE YOU. You can use "hate" as liberally as you wish, completely out of context, and feel free to have other people rally to your sensitivity banner and make equally inane, childish, naive posts about what HATE really is. Don't forget to storm off in a huff with that "whatever" attitude, it's a really important step to feeling superior and ultimately correct despite the reasoned views of others.


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Man I can't stand anyone making something for me that is representative of me. I mean I'd love if someone made art of me or for me but if it's something I'm going to display that defines me, I have to make it. Furries are basically the reason I'm an artist.


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I really hope people don't take this seriously, or you could singlehandedly cause the fandom to crash and burn in a matter of days.


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Aw non drawers not allowed, guesse i'll go and be a treky now or something:(


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Well after reading this newcomers guide to furries I just have to say that I sure hope this thread was written on opposite day. Because if not I will be getting yiffed by 13 different individuals, some simultaneously, within the next few days. Yeaaaaaahhh........