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describe this scenario: our Furries suddenly start to appear overnight in our time, in our world, you see on the news, what happens? what is your reaction what will happen to the world?

Frank Gulotta

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They're all forced into petting zoos


I'd watch the news a lot more, and I'd be typing up a storm about it online to others that are doing the same thing. The fandom would be advocating for the anthros on day 1, and some would develop an elitist, cult attitude. Everywhere it would be chaos. The fabric of our reality would be in question. The question of if anything is even real. Intense existential crisis would engulf the minds of many worldwide.


I always find it odd that furries generally would come across as not trying to take over the human population. Like, why not try to create advanced technology and find some sort of raygun that anthrophamorphizes humans? It's not like humans are a part of their food chain, well for the most part.
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