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Furries Don't Just Listen To Techno?


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Fav Song : Bed Rock
Band: Young Money
Genre: Hip Hop

Sec Fav: Pursuit of Happiness
Artist: Kid Cudi
Genre: Hip Hop


Inglorious Bastard


Get off me.
I adore techno and electronica, but they aren't my favorite genres. I'm partial to classic rock and blues more than anything. Where I'll probably listen to techno more because it has a fun beat I can groove to, classic rock and blues is what I play on my guitars.

Favorite Song Currently: foreplay/long time
Band: boston
Song Genre: classic rock

Second Favorite Song(tied): jungle love or sleeping in
Band(Optional): steve miller band. The poastal service
Song Genre(Optional): classic rock. Electronic

third favorite song (tied): black dog or comfortably numb
band: led Zeppelin Pink Floyd
song genre: classic rock. Pink ployd is their own genre
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uh oh stinky
Favorite Song Currently: "Lunchbox"
Band: Marilyn Manson
Song Genre: Industrial

Second Favorite Song: Night Reconnaissance
Band: Dresden dolls
Song Genre: punk cabaret


I usually think of furries as liking either Techno or Metal, or occasionally both.

Favorite Song Currently: A Moment of Clarity
Band: Death
Song Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Second Favorite Song(Optional): Mea Culpa
Band(Optional): The Human Abstract
Song Genre(Optional): Progressive Metalcore (One of the few Metalcore bands I like)

Third Favorite Song: Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo
Band: Rick Derringer
Song Genre: Hard Rock/Classic Rock


Bike riding squirrel thing.
I listen to a lot of techno, house and electro. However I also have many styles of rock on my computer. Hell I have all sorts of music on here.

But yeah Techno is my favourite genre.


Om Nom Nom Nom
Favorite Song Currently: daddy's falling angel
Band: in this moment
Song Genre: metal

Normally, most metal and some techno...


Favorite Song Currently:7 Days to the Wolves
Song Genre:metal
Second Favorite Song(Optional):Kyla Cries Cologne
Band(Optional):Fair to Midland
Song Genre(Optional):industrial metal


Dreamer of Absolution
Who says Furries only listen to techno?

I like ANY song as long as it sounds good, though the only thing that I hate in music is Country because it sounds so lazy to my ears...probably how they use that guitar and slur their voice a lot...


resident spaceship
Favorite Song Currently: I never have one.

Band: Assemblage 23, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Faith and the Muse, Inkubus Sukkubus, De/Vision, Beborn Beton, Danse Society, Mars Volta, Offspring

Song Genre: game soundtracks (especially NES - SNES), electronic, goth, 80s, pop


public class Dass
Favorite Song Currently: The Main Monkey Business
Band: Rush
Song Genre: Instrumental Rock

Second Favorite Song: Blood Brothers
Band: Iron Maiden
Song Genre: Metal

I don't love techno. In fact, I loathe most all synth based music. Techno, pop, electronica, what have you.
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my name is lucifer, pleased to meet you.
Favorite Song Currently: Moonsorrow - Jaasta Syntynyt / Varjojen Vita (Born Of Ice / Stream Of Shadows)
Band: Moonsorrow
Song Genre: Progressive Black/Viking Metal

Second Favorite Song(Optional): Altar of Plagues - Earth: As a Womb
Band(Optional): Altar of Plagues
Song Genre(Optional): Progressive Black Metal

Nathan Wolf

I finally feel excepted...
Mission accomplished.

Furries don't just listen to techno. In fact, only 46% of you did, some say you utterly wanted to burn the existence of techno.

Well good job guys, if you feel like you want to continue this thread because you didn't have the chance to share go right ahead and let us know.

But one things for sure, that stereotype is dead.


public class Dass
But one things for sure, that stereotype is dead.

No, it's not. People still think gays are automatically effeminate, despite Rob Halford AKA Metal God AKA probably the least effeminate person in the history of music being gay.

Disproval of a stereotype won't kill it.


The Bard of the Beasts
Current Favorite:

The Humbling River
Alternative/Progressive Rock

2nd Song:

A Perfect Circle
Alternative Rock
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The Walkin Dude

Now with 20% more boring...
#1 "Come On"- Zapp- Funk
#2 "Let It Whip"- The Dazz Band- Funk
#3 "Backstrokin'"- The Fatback Band- Funk
#4 "Slide"- Slave- Funk

...I could go on, but I get the feeling that no one gives a shit.
Favorite song currently: Gemini Dream
Band: Moody Blues

Seccond favorite song: The Voice
Band: Moody Blues
I don't think I've ever listened to techno.
I have lots of favorite songs, but currently I'm listening to the two listed above a lot.

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
i have so many favorit songs current played most. Hair by the cowsills, mr's robinson and Brandy(you're a fine girl) by looking glass


Occasionally enjoys bass >3>
Yeah, there's a bunch that listen to doom metal and goth. Fun, right? I dunno, my iPods prolly sick of all the hardcore gabber, speedcore, drum machine gun, crazy techno-based shit. Genghis Tron, The Quick Brown Fox (furry artist), Agoraphobic Nosebleed, X-Syndrome, Sky Eats Airplane, Felix Da Housecat, iwrestledabearonce, Dj Isaac, Sonicdriver, Stingray, etc.


In FAF CAThulu lies dreaming..
I'll throw a dart at my list of favourite songs ^_^

Favorite Song Currently: Importune Me No More
Band: Faith and the Muse
Song Genre: Goth
Second Favorite Song(Optional): Closer To the Edge
Band(Optional): 30 Seconds to Mars
Song Genre(Optional): Rock


In FAF CAThulu lies dreaming..
Favorite Song Currently: I never have one.

Band: Assemblage 23, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Faith and the Muse, Inkubus Sukkubus, De/Vision, Beborn Beton, Danse Society, Mars Volta, Offspring

Song Genre: game soundtracks (especially NES - SNES), electronic, goth, 80s, pop

Ever listen to Covenant? :cool:
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