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furries from north carolina


bang your head.
I know there are several of these but I just have to see whos here with me.


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I'm in Greensboro, but I'm moving home in 2 weeks. I hate it here now.


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I'm in the Raleigh area. ;)


i'm stuck with tons of old people (80ish) in Franklin. that's in the lower western corner of NC. Gonna go to college this year or next in NY.

Thad Chadwick

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Forsyth County, Winston-Salem. Might move to Kernersville soon though! Thank goodness for this thread. Need to meet some local furs.


The Gentleman Owl
I'm in Conover right now, but once I graduate I may end up moving when I acquire gainful employment. There's not a lot in the state for my career goals.