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Furries in a novel

A furry survival-horror novel?

  • Yes

    Votes: 25 67.6%
  • No

    Votes: 12 32.4%

  • Total voters


Ya boy
The nerd store that used to be around here was filled with fat creepy neckbeards. Then that store closed down another one opened up. My friends and I stopped by to pick up some DnD dice and the guy was a fat sweaty neckbeard chugging a Mt. Dew. Not cool =[

One closest to me was all neckbeards, but my friend and I went to the further away one with the not creepy people. And it had better maps. :3

Kellie Gator

Moral Minority
Why not have them there? You can create your own world in a novel, so why not make everyone furries for the lulz? Especially since we're on FAF...
I see your point, but despite being a furfag, I believe in good story telling, so you should at least have anthropomorphic animals in it for the sake of symbolism, or to explore the boundaries between man and animal, or something like that.

Unless it's porn. Porn never has good storytelling anyway, so it won't really help.


I live, I die, I live again
Good luck with that idealism.

I'll just stay baller, nerdy, and only stay here for the lulz.
I honestly debate sometimes as to why I'm still here. I swear if I didn't think this website was hilarious and had some decent furfag friends I'd be gone and never look back.


I live, I die, I live again
Same. And this place is addicting as hell, I have an essay tomorrow and i'm still on at midnight.
It's 3 AM here. Sometimes I get some sort of insomnia and don't want to sleep/can't sleep and I stay up till the crack of dawn. And yeah this place can be pretty addicting. Furries can be some of the craziest people on the internet and it's fun seeing how fucked up and stupid they can be.


Pokefur for Life
Yeah, creepy nerds tend to ruin everything they touch. Gee, I wonder where we can apply that to also?
Yes, they do DX
I have one in my D&D club at school. Everyone is normal except for him.
He's a real creeper.
And my stalker
I've contemplated braining him with a 4-sided die on multiple occasions


One time, at basic training...
They really cut me out of the story when the thread hit page two? saddened. Walking to OP's home with machette.


Pokefur for Life
Hey X3 well, I'm starting the story soon. I'll give you all updates