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Furries IRL - People you wouldn't have ever thought they were into that


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Just meeting most furries won't make you think they're furries.

You make it sound like we don't do things non-furries do. You're not special because you drink coffee and read in bookstores. You're just another furry.

Not what I meant and sorry for making it sound that way. I do not think furries don't do non-furry things its that trying to figure it out if he/she is hard unless they are obvious about it.


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Not what I meant and sorry for making it sound that way. I do not think furries don't do non-furry things its that trying to figure it out if he/she is hard unless they are obvious about it.

Mmhm, I see. I sat directly in front of another furry in class for half a year before we found out about each other.


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I have a friend I've known since forever, we are really close, we look at porn together too. One day I decided to show her furry porn and now she keeps asking me to show her stuff on FA lol. Also she drew anthros in primary school.


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My mate when he first told me.


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I agree that its not fair to assume ALL fur's are going to look like furs (Have the damn pins on their back pack, or dumb freakin paw stickers on their car) But from my experience, the people I know are just oozing furfagotry like it were sweat. Sometimes I think it comes down to who's more comfortable expressing who they are, and those people like to make it known they are a furry.

But as for me, its just not appropriate for me to do that. And I honestly don't want EVERYBODY to know I'm a fur.


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I went to pick up my brother from school and saw this man/woman thing in a parked car.
he/she had that paw with the squiggly (idk but it was furry) on the back of her car as well as a rainbow paw. both stickers.

Dis name seems familiar...


I recently found out my boyfriend of a year and a half is basically a furry. He doesn't like fursuiting and probably has no interest in a convention, but he told me he has a secret folder hidden in his computer full of furry porn. While I don't personally like furry porn that much it made me comfortable that I can now draw and look at the site freely without worrying what he'll think of me. He was very embarrassed at first but he sees I don't mind. I love him, and as long as he doesn't try to poop on me I don't care what he's into.


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^Like this.
Lol. I found out that one of my favorite musical artists is a furry, but he keeps it a secret.

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I found out that my friends sister makes fursuits for people. I didn't even know any of them knew what a furry was.


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I think my good brother might be a furry, seeing as he has many (/Understatement) friends that are furries.

And if he is, I shall be shocked forever, seeing as he (Like many people) call them sex freaks and drama causers.
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That's awesome!!
I discovered a few weeks ago that my Fiance` is a plushophile. Now I know I did not spell that right hahaha ^^;
It did shock me at first, but then I actually found it kind of cute.
I feel bad for people who prefer plushies to real people though, I'm glad he doesn't have that problem. *phew*
Mmph. To be honest I don't think I've ever met another furry irl than him, it didn't shock me more so than it delighted me so it's cool.
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... once I ran up to someone dressed as a dalmation. I saw them from behind. I was all SQUEE! A FURRY! then I poked them and they turned around and it was a drunk 60 year old woman who smelled like menthol cigarettes.


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Eh not really. Rumor around my school that this guy who calls himself a furry is one. But what else i hear is that he's your sterotypical fat creepy furry. My boyfriend though...he doesn't mind the idea of running around in a fursuit for fun and doesn't mind if I decided to go and wear a tail. But he isn't into the whole furry thing but that doesn't really matter.