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Furries of the World!


Many of you have contributed location data to the Euro Furry map:

This collection showed us, among other things, that a country's English speaking population size was a good predictor for how many furry users we can expect on this forum.
It also showed us that, in Western Europe, countries with more accepting attitudes towards the queer community are more likely to be represented here by furries.

I have received messages asking if I will expand this effort to other world regions, from users such as the fabulous @Ravofox .
I have also been asked this on discord.

So now I am opening up to location data from Furries around the rest of the globe.
What do I need from you?

I need your approximate latitude and longitude. Please provide the name of the country and the state/province that you live in.
If you need help discovering your latitude and longitude, you can get this by find yourself on Google maps, right clicking and selecting 'what's here'.
Your latitude and longitude will appear as text in a bar at the bottom of your browser.

How will I use your data?

Your data will be used to create furry population density maps.
I have recently been teaching myself about new statistical methods, so it may also be possible for me to answer questions such as 'Are furries living on America's west and east coasts more likely to socialise within those west and eastern clusters?'
Answering those questions will require me to spend a few hours making complicated spreadsheets though, so we'll see!

I also hope to use this thread to promote an interest in Coding and Statistics.
I will be creating all of the Maps and statistics in R, a free coding platform you can download here:
www.r-project.org: R: The R Project for Statistical Computing
hey i can see me!!


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Whoops, luckily the original wasn't my house anyway (I set it to my old job location lol)
I think it is right now? (I changed my other post) It's showing up as a town about an hour away from me now but I don't know if it matters too much

Yes, this is fine. This is all the specificity needed for the purposes of making a neat map. :]


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
Shame there isn't much in Japan. They do have a lively community over there, although they call it kemono.

Perhaps they socialise mostly in their own Japanese-speaking circles.

I have to say I very rarely come across anybody Japanese online; I might actually meet Japanese people more often in real life than on the internet.


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Here you go. 54°22'33"N 1°37'53"W Richmond(Town), North Yorkshire(County), United kingdom(Country)

Ringo the Wolf

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I have some dots in Romania, eitherside of the Carpathians, but I don't think I have any Ukrainians.
I'm the only user of FAF from Ukraine at this moment. But I believe there is some people from UA used FAF too. They could be offline for years.


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I'm the only user of FAF from Ukraine at this moment. But I believe there is some people from UA used FAF too. They could be offline for years.

You're not the only one on FAF who's from the ukraine, I'm pretty sure.


From out of the rain.
At this moment - I've not met any of user from Ukraine. These users could be offline.

I know of at least two who live in the Ukraine, are online relatively often, but have not publicly announced their location which is why I will not name them.