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Furries on OMG! Peaches Geldof show


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Yeah, I don't know if anyone's posted this yet, but a bunch of British furs went on a show recently and (I think) did a pretty decent job not looking like dogfuckers.


Second part here.

Arf arf arf.
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Hey, Assbutt
Wondered how long this would take to appear.

Maybe they didn't come off too badly, but to be honest anyone using words of more than 5 letters is going to confuse the dumb bint hosting the show.


It's better than what 1000 Ways To Die depicted, that's for sure.
This kind of thing isn't really new, I mean, I actually did see it when it came on but the way they are portrayed isn't going to change much cause hey, everyone is different.
And it's Peaches Geldof for fucks sake, obviously she was going to try dig up something "OMG and quirk worthy"

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This kind of thing isn't really new, I mean, I actually did see it when it came on but the way they are portrayed isn't going to change much cause hey, everyone is different.

Maybe not, but it's a lot better than people finding out about it on a bullshit fetish show.
It's not a big deal what people think, but if they're going to have any impression of me, I'd rather it not be that I'm a pervert from the very start.


Yeah they did a good job at being normal :)
British Russel Brand there grinded my gears

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The guy in the back is a bit annoying. "Trust me, trust me." after every line becomes truly irritating, especially when he clearly doesn't know shit and the kids on the show are politely trying to correct him, but more misinformation follows. You know us Americans, sexual deviants! Overall, these kind, young kids showed a nice side of the fandom that I really do enjoy seeing broadcast. Makes me smile. Great suiter too! The asshole-in-the-back's comment about having to remove the mask was really just a display of character, because seeing that suiter so confident should make anyone happy for that person, not wishing they'd dissolve into what that co-host thinks of as a "normal" ego.

That's Dom Joly, and he's known for being a dick for lols. He's not really a bad person, though he should have listened.


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I still can't stand the names they use.
The name "Nightwind Sapphire" Makes me want to tear my ears out.


This was pretty good,though the two guys in the back should of STFU.It also shows not all furries are big,creepy,old men or ugly.


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Seems harmless. The guy that kept say "Trust me! Trust me!" was a bit of an annoying git. but other wise good



I thought it was very cute. But as mentioned someone needs to punch Dom, trust me. :V

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Feeling Loki with it.


Cutest lil bastard ever


oh nice! to be honest =P if people dress like animals and go out dancing and huging people here where i live don't think they will stay out for long. It would be nice to see it though. One time when i went to Leeds there where some people dress as bunny and tiger if i remember correctly dancing and hug people. I wanted to go there too and have a picture with them ... but because i went with my family to see my sister and my dad said don't go because only kids like that... so i skip it...oh well :p next time


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Nightwind's accent just makes me laugh ;)


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lol I'm surprised it took you guys this long to post this here