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Furries Online vs. Offline

Your online vs offline personality is...

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I am different online. I am more open and I tend to speak my mind a lot more.


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I'm pretty much the same. Maybe funnier? My online self sometimes more serious than my off-line one; my sense of humor doesn't seem to translate quite as well in the digital world. But all in all, I'm not really much different.


My online self and offline self are pretty similar, if anything, I'm better at public speaking than talking via text, so I'm a bit more outgoing than I am online.


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I'm hotter offline, I promise. :V
In all honesty, I'm a lot less depressing offline, and I let people get away with more with how chill I am while still being super determined.
I'm also a huge romantic offline even when I seem exclusively flirty online through my fursona. So, if I actually seem romantic through RP or something, I might actually REALLY like you.

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I can't speak for the rest of the forum, but personally, my personality is pretty different on vs. off. I whore it up a bit online, and my offline couldn't be farther from that. I just do it for the lulz. :D I'm someone who avoids public situations, and I am not a flirt at all in person. I'm rather timid, and don't speak much. I am, however, an open person, I just direct it more inward.

So, I was wondering how many of you are the same way. How many of you are different when you are posting here as a way to kind of create your own FAF persona, but are more reserved in your everyday life?
I'm same asshole in real life as I am here, just a bit quieter.


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I thought I was more of a bitch online - but then I got into a fight with a random person on the street xD so yeah I am pretty much the same. I prefer to be nice, but if someone tries to bully me they are not in for a great time


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Real life: don't ever say a word, make noises to entertain myself, people complain about the noises. A whole different person around friends (the good ones anyways). With friends, I can be pretty damn excited/hyper. If I went to a party or something, I'd be that guy in the corner waiting for it to end because he doesn't know how to socialize or dance.

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Extremely outgoing, hyper when I've listened to good dubstep, a lot more honest, I care less about negative opinions, I'm really sarcastic (calling friends my bottom bitch etc.) And not afraid to speak my mind
Also "hug everything and everyone" is something I tend to think

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I had a brief part of my life where I realized that I was marginally more sexually open than I thought I was after I started RP'ing with a ton of people, but I've since settled down very monogamously. That said, I am generally the same online as I am offline, which is to say that I start out really well spoken and slowly devolve into an enormous shitlord that swears a lot and makes a lot of weird noises.


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I'm as reserved online as I'm in rl. I have no online friends and my rl friends are my friends because I spent a lot of time with them at school. I'm terrible at being someones friend I don't deal with regularly in RL and there aren't many people who have something in common with me. It depresses me how outgoing most other people are and that I'm not able to. So, I lack of social skills (online and irl) but among friends I'm as normal as most other guys. And with 1 or 2 beer I'm even starting to molest a good friend, but that's probably due to the fact that my body craves for sexual interactions, because I'm still a virgin q.q Does that mean, that I'm sluttier irl than online? o_O


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For me, it's less about where I am and more who I'm with it. If I'm comfortable with someone, I will absolutely act the same.
I am, however, more reserved on the forums at least. I keep my personal opinions about people, good and bad, to a minimum and try to be objective. A lot less fuck yous and sucking dick here.

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Well let's put it this way, the furries at my last con were so awesome most of us ended up hugging it out at the end of it. Even the DJ gave me his leftover booze for helping him set up, not to mention the leftover VIP food I got for helping out in the kitchen.

As for online furries, the bulk of them appear to be memelords, edgelords, shitlords, scrublords or any type of lord in a crappy way you can think of.

So the moral of the story is: not everyone is as they seem in real life as they are online or vice versa.