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Furries Online vs. Offline

Your online vs offline personality is...

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Psychological Egoist.
I am pretty much the same.

I'm a bit more of an asshole online, but you don't have an option for that.


Well-Known Member
I'm a bitch. A mostly polite bitch, but still a bitch. I mean, when my best friend told me she'd found Mr. Right, first thing out my mouth was "again?". But I'm only mean to people I like, most of the time, with the result that people I don't like end up thinking I'm their friend. I also tend to curse up a storm offline and on. Not because I like to swear, per se, but because I just fucking do. ;)

I can't really differentiate between online and offline in that manner; it'd be a really weird division. It's more to do with what groups people belong to. With my relatives I'm one way, with total strangers I'm another way, in real-time communication I'm one way (except with people I know well) and on forums I'm another way. But all my social anxieties exist and play hell with me when I'm online as well. It's just not always as visible to others.

(I just spent a couple of hours agonizing over sending an email a few days ago, because the email was asking someone for something, and I don't ask people for stuff. Hemming and hawwing and stalling when you're on the phone with someone or talking to them to their face is pretty obvious, but nothing about an email suggests it took more than ten minutes from "I should ask this person for something" to clicking "Send".)


I asked someone to read my posts once.
They told me that I'm completely different on here.
whatever that means


Has magical powers.
I'm pretty much the same.

Only lack of wacky faces.




I am, who I am, who I am...

Wait what? >_>

Seriously... I act just as I do online as I do offline...


Has magical powers.
I am, who I am, who I am...

Wait what? >_>

Seriously... I act just as I do online as I do offline...

Your icon is seriously tripping me out :<
Never ending supply of pickles.



Resistance is futile! If 0 ohm
Far more sarcastic here, I couldn't get away with acting like this irl.

Van Ishikawa

I hit the extremes more online, with a much more even personality in real life.

I'm also way more boring in real life :V


Tired of being ignored
I'm very quiet and usually not very friendly..
I guess kinda withdrawn..
it's easier to talk to ppl online..
Idk y :p


lurking in the darkness
i tend to be nicer online but im just generally a nice guy anyway i dont pride myself on hurting someone elses feelings just to make me feel better about myself

Silver Dragon

Don't worry, I'm a doctor.
I tend to be nicer online but I'm just generally a nice guy. I don't pride myself on hurting someone's feelings just to make me feel better about myself.

Same for me, but with better grammar. ;)


Taking it easy :P
I basically act the same on and offline. The strange thing is I'm way more relaxed irl than I am online.


Explosive AngryKat
It depends on the situation. I'm usually more quiet and reserved IRL. Once we take the time to know each other, I'll loosen up, sometimes to the point where I'm just as crazy as being online.


The hell am I reading, here?
I'm much more reserved and gentlemanly in real life. Not less slutty, but less flirty to be sure, and a lot less sarcastic, though still just as argumentative. I tend to be quiet around new people too.


In real life I generally keep my sarcastic/snarky comments to myself.

That's about it.