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Furries Online vs. Offline

Your online vs offline personality is...

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None of the poll bits. I'm still snarky online (sometimes self-destructively so), but not to the degree I am online. I won't just jump into a debate offline for instance to make a vague snide comment before bolting off.

Fenrir Lupus

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Well, i've been told i'm less creepy online. Actually, they said I was "much more charming" and put "translation: a lot less creepy" in parenthesis...

Said person has no idea i'm a furry, and if they saw what I post on this forum... probably get a different opinion :p

I guess i'm a bit more contradictory online. It's easier to start a debate when there's no risk of argumentum ad baculum...

Fenrir Lupus

Politically incorrect.
Most furries are introverts. With a good set of friends, I am not as reclusive.

I am an introvert, but not shy. Extroversion is just the politically correct way to say "jackass" in my opinion. The introvert is the guy sipping fine wine in the corner of the restaurant with a few friends [assuming he can afford it], the extrovert is the drunk guy pissing on your porch and humping the mailbox screaming "woooooooo" while his friends stand watching and laughing.


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Im the same online as I am offline.


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I'm a sarcastic bastard both online and off, but the sarcasm differs in terms of harshness.

Though I'm not always that sarcastic on this forum...

I dunno, my personality doesn't change very much.


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srsly, classy people get all the good yiffs, and don't have to pay... then again, they probably wait 'till marriage for teh yiffs, but they get them.
classy people don't feel they need to have it all the time, sluts do, and you don't necessarily have to pay if you're a slut

Classy=/=abstinent either

I wouldn't say I'm 100% classy per se, but I will never ask for it