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Furries Online vs. Offline

Your online vs offline personality is...

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Fenrir Lupus

Politically incorrect.
classy people don't feel they need to have it all the time, sluts do, and you don't necessarily have to pay if you're a slut

Classy=/=abstinent either

I wouldn't say I'm 100% classy per se, but I will never ask for it

Didn't say they do feel they need to have it all the time-- but they can get it. Nobody's afraid they have std's, coz let's face it, how promiscuous do you expect classy people to be? Exactly.


Center 50!
i guess im classy...used to be slutty...
but theres nothing behind mindless sex
i prefer relationship stuff

Fenrir Lupus

Politically incorrect.
i guess im classy...used to be slutty...
but theres nothing behind mindless sex
i prefer relationship stuff

oh dang, I got the thread slightly derailed...

lemme fix...

I'm pretty much the same online as off, but people think of me differently.


Kellie Gator

Moral Minority
I guess I come off as more mean-spirited on the net. I actually smile all the time IRL, but if I put all those smilies on the net I'd just look retarded, I hate emoticons. And the smiling is still usually because I'm greatly amused by the stupidity of some people on the internet.

Taren Fox

I don't wag my tail as much in real life.


Cakez the Husky
Online: I talk more. Im more open. I still am to shy to post anything on a lot of things because I think ill piss people off. For posting to much to little or off topic.

Offline: I am the person that usually sits at the table alone. Is made fun of. Talk's like a nerd. Also I go on no sites that Anyone uses nowadays like FaceBook MySpace and thoughs things. I also hate on myself a lot.


The Kaff
I'm more reserved online than off. IRL I talk a lot of shit and am pretty out-going and unafraid to put my point across. Online I'm more relaxed and just avoid situations that could possibly be confrontational, reason being if you get in a debate with someone irl you can see when it's going too far or when you're annoying the person, or vice versa. Online all you have to rely on is text on a screen.

Both rl and ol I'm a reasonably respectful person. :p

Unless you're a retard.


New Member
For me I'm maybe just a tad different Online than I am Offline, my Online self is actually who I am, Offline it's hard to act the way I do Online so I try to tone it down a bit so I don't make a name for myself


the designated hype man
i just cant behave in text like i can in voice if you ever called me and talked to me on the phone you probably wouldnt believe its even me


Hare Boi
I'm sluttier and more sarcastic. Offline, I'm too shy to be sarcastic and stuff like that.


Oh, **** you.
Aside from some sex talk, my online personality isn't much different than myself in the real world. I'm honest, brash at times, and really easy going. I like to playfully instigate.