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Furries with furries

Do you have a pet?

  • Yes I have a pet

    Votes: 166 81.8%
  • No I do not have a pet

    Votes: 37 18.2%

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Oh Boy!
Ive been curious, do most furries own pets of their own? And do they base their fursonas around them, make their own, or mix them. I have a cat and my fursona is a feline too.


Black Fennec ^_^
I have a dog, a cat, a rat and a bird right now...used to have alot more but the beloved circle of life has lowered the numbers a bit.
Fursona not at all based on any of em, although I'd love to get a fennec ^_^


Cecret Blown Susiness.
I got a dog :3

Yeah... I'm boring, shut up.

Also, I want a fox, man...


8 cats- 2 calico, 4 black cats, and 2 long haired grays.

7 dogs- 1 black lab, 3 yellow labs, and two dachshunds.

6 horses- I think thoroughbreds.


Hungry Hungry Hippo!!
I've got two cats and one rabbit. Funnily enough my fursona isn't based on any of them!


New Member
I have a kitty.
I like cats, so we had a cat at home.

However my fursona and the fact i have a cat are not related.

i'm feline because i felt like it, because of my body and stuff.
I could have been a nice fox as well, i guess.


Lurking in Castle Moats
I think it is a bit common for people to base their fursona off of their pets. I mean you have people out there who commission fur-suits to look like their own pet dog.

As for animals at home, I have 4 cats.....but I'd never be able to keep a Maned Wolf as a pet. It would feel so horrible taking such a fantastic and beautiful animal out of the wild, where it belongs. Wild animals don't make good pets anyway.

I used to have a pet snake but he died, Easter this year. I was so sad....still am sad a bit.

EDIT: What was that old saying? A house without a cat is not a home!


I have no pets sadly....
But my fursona is a fox, and i guess its just because i pretty much act like a fox. Im kinda shy, once i get to know you, im a fun person, i LOVE to have fun, I am smart. Plus i think foxes are just so cute, and i realy dont care how many of them are out there.

EDIT: Not a slut!!!


I have five cats and a snapping turtle.


100% organic vegan hubbas
I have a pet rock that I wrapped in faux fur. We go everywhere together.


The Rogue
i has 4 cats, 2 dogs, 1 snake and 2 birds lol

i wish i had a racoon, he'd sit on my shoulder and he'd be all like "dude im a raccoon" and i'd be like "dude i know!"


Confused fur
um... yeah this is a long list
13 chickens
5 horses
6 dogs (2 full grown rodhesian rigde backs 2 puppys a shitzu and a wist highland terrier)
2 ducks
1 kitten (other one died still wear its collar :( )
and a tortoise named norman
none off these are my fursona though if i needed to make other characters id probably take inspiration from them
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A Bernese mountain [of a] dog, two leopard geckos, two cats, and this weird wobbly hairy thing that eats too much food and is yet to stop expanding. (We think it's another cat.)


rly nao?
I have two cats, one's a calico named Pumpkin and the other is all grey and has hazel eyes with a ring of green around his pupil, and his name is Wolfy. :3
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