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Furries with furries

Do you have a pet?

  • Yes I have a pet

    Votes: 166 81.8%
  • No I do not have a pet

    Votes: 37 18.2%

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My pets: A mutt-cat named Smokey, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Trevor, and a goat named Ethel. They have to share a household with my mother's pets, however, so it's kind of a "family pet" thing.

Midi Bear

I've had pets all my life. Multiple pets most of the time, but I only have one cat right now. His name's Kringle. He's more like my parents' pet though. I merely co-exist with him. I was always playing with my other ones as a kid though. Perhaps I don't pay attention to Kringle that much because I wants a doggy. Meh.. here's a picture of him on the first Christmas he spent with us.


:( i had a rottweiler, but he found my chocolate protein powder and died from protein powder/chocolate poisoning.

and now i'm living at school which means i have no pets


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I'd love to have another pet but certain circumstances prevent that from happening at this time.


Lurking in Castle Moats
A Bernese mountain [of a] dog, two leopard geckos, two cats, and this weird wobbly hairy thing that eats too much food and is yet to stop expanding. (We think it's another cat.)

I had a gecko one. It was a golden gecko.

Needless to say I'm never having another pet gecko ever again. The tend to be very unfriendly towards being handled, and they are extremely nippy.


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I've always wanted a cat, as long as I can remember. So, three years ago, my parents got us a dog. He's great, I love him to death, but...I still want a cat.


Fluffy Bunbutts
I used to have lots of cats, they all died or ran away though.
All we have here now are 3 dogs.

Back when I made my fursona I first based him off my favorite cat, but then I got on SL and wanted to buy a cat fursona avatar, so I got one on there then based my fursona around that one xP


Well we have a cat and when i include him in my drawings, i draw him as a "Taildevil"(my own miserable selfmade species)

but my fursona is nothing near a cat :-?


Fundamentalist Heretic
Not yet. I'm remodeling a room in my house that I will eventually keep a cat box in. After that's done, I'll get 2 cats.


I'm allergic to animals :( :(

Though we grew up with a beagle / german sheppard named Star. She was an amazing dog. Though, we tried introducing a new dog into our home that we adopted a year after Star died, though my allergies flared up and so did my mother's, and the dog was really out of control and we had to take him back to the adoption agency. :(

I would love another dog though, when my living situation permits it I think I'll get a hypo-allergenic puppy :3

Russian Rainbow

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I have one doggie, a half-dachsund half-doberman female named sissy, she has the color of a doberman, but she definetly has the personality of a dachsund. ^_^

Link Wolf

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I know of many a person with a wolf fursona who own either huskies, malamutes, or wolf hybrids, likewise with feline furries owning lots of cats. I don't necessarily think they base their fursona off their pets, but they have said pets because they like the species they "belong" to.

Now, I HAVE seen fursuits based off of pets. S'a whole 'nother ball park.


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I have a family pet that's a female American Eskimo dog (She's a fat dog that can get very annoying.), but as you can see I'm a feline. Didn't base my fursona off her. :3


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3 cats. <3 them
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