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Furries with furries

Do you have a pet?

  • Yes I have a pet

    Votes: 166 81.8%
  • No I do not have a pet

    Votes: 37 18.2%

  • Total voters
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Oh Boy!
Heheh, if only dragons were real...

I've always wanted an iguana, or maybe even a small lizard. But everyone I've lived with had an over-the-top fear of them. ._.
I can understand some people fearing snakes, but small lizards is kinda extreme. XD


Watch and learn, kid.
^I wish I was kidding, but it's true. Especially my mom; she'd run to the other side of the street in a flash if one even gets near her. It's embarrassing.

Thing is, we were born and raised in Puerto Rico, and the place is crawling with small lizards. 20 years and I still I love doing the ol' catch and release with them. X3

And yeah, P.R. is home to snakes as well. I've had a few close encounters with them, and dislocated my wrist by falling back onto it when I was but a few feet away from a big boa...

Dave Tianlong

Dragons don't exist, but I love all reptiles equally (to me dragons are reptiles, shut up). Earlier in my life I wasn't really allowed to have my own pets, but but since 3, soon 4 months ago I've had a pair of leopard geckos. I don't like the fact that they're so small, but they're wonderful.

They actually inspired me to make my new fursona half-leopard gecko, I suppose. Beautiful lizards.

There are a two cats and a hamster in the house, but I don't consider them as mine. I don't want to come off as a bitch saying this, but I hate almost any animal with fur, except foxes and raccoons. But no, that doesn't mean I hate people with non-reptile fursonas. >_>

I've wanted to knock it up a notch and try to get a snake, but mom refuses to have a snake in the house, and I can understand why when my sister has a pet hamster. xD

I actually consider myself to be quite a herpetoculturist, and I want to own lots of reptiles in the future if I get a job. Maybe I should work at a a zoo or something...?
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Healer of Ki
I have one dog. A 14 month golden retriever named Kuma. He's not a part of my fursona, but he's my little pride and joy. It's funny cause when I stay up too late, he nudges my arm, backs away, sits down, and raises his paw and gives me that puppy dog face. It's his way of saying, aren't you coming to bed? He sleeps on my bed and he gets lonely very easily, lol.

C. Lupus

Well I have had pets, dont have any now, does that mean yes or no in poll?

Would like to have an dog...


I have two cats and a dog... whereas my fursona is feline in apperance, though it's closer to a viverrid, the same family civets come from.


Bike riding squirrel thing.
I used to have a tortishell cat but due to certain circumstances, mainly rules on where i am currently resideing, i can not have pets so i gave her to mom to look after.


New Member
I have a cat at home and it just so happens that I'm a cat myself. I get along with most felines, and I've always had a "fatal attraction" to them since I was small. Ever since I could talk, I told my mom I wanted a cat.


Is NOT the tin dog
I have a Tabby cat and a Black Lab. I sort of base my fursona around my cat because she is a feline. Thats about it. Oh, my cat is named Luna and my dog is named Bella.


Pete Townshend's Dog
i'm a shepherd and i own a shepherd. 8D and 2 cats.
i want a snake, but i'm not sure if i'd be responsible enough for one. i want to name it Boss. LOL.


Milkbone McTreataddict
I'm a dog, but my dog recently passed away at the ripe old age of fourteen, and I've never had a dog the same breed as myself.



because my little brother is allergic to cats :(


New Member
i don't know if it counts as yes or not, but i use to have a pet. we had to put her down three years ago because of sickness. i miss her dearly, she was a chocolate lab.
Three cats. One female and two of her rambunctious siblings (anyone want one? XD). I based my fursona's fur color on the mother cat. :3


I have a male Chinese Shar-pei dog (named Winchester) and a couple of 400L tanks with a variety of African Cichlids. And my kits each have a Beta fish, named "Rufus" and "Sashy" (short for sashimi) each.

But my fursona is a river otter.
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New Member
In response to the OP, the simplest way I know how to say it; I have a cat, and am a cat because I like cats, but my 'fursona' is not based on my cat.


K. Lunestar
I have a Dog named Lord Byron James Wellington III. No Idea what breed he is, but he's been my pride and joy ever since my family got him from the pound. Unfortunately, due to college, I had to leave him back in Michigan. =(

Strangely, I'm a cat person and my Fursona is a cat..meh.


Fundamentalist Heretic
Not yet. I'm remodeling a room in my house that I will eventually keep a cat box in. After that's done, I'll get 2 cats.
*many cheers!* My remodeling project is done! That means I can start getting ready for little furs to invade my house! :cool:

Man, my son will be so thrilled...! He loves cats!
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