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Furries with furries

Do you have a pet?

  • Yes I have a pet

    Votes: 166 81.8%
  • No I do not have a pet

    Votes: 37 18.2%

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Too shy for her own good.
Here's a list of my current pets and their names. :3
12 chickens (October, Phineus, Eagle, Loomis, Hutch, Ping, Kiwi, Pep, Snickers, Vanilla, Taffy, Twix), 8 goats (Tilly, Twyla, Toshio, Toby, Togepi, Pikachu, Feline, Kizzy), 5 cats (Tiger, Chip, Smoke, Mischief, Chloe), 4 horses (Dante, Skipper, Halfbreed, Mikah), 3 bettas (Sea, Espeon, Flare), 2 guinea pigs (Shippou, Mohawk), 2 ferrets (Mink, Star), 2 turtles (Crusty, Speedy), 2 bearded dragons (Spike, Draco), 2 dogs [papillons] (Pocco, Sysco), 1 corn snake (Moeru Aka no Taiyou no Raji), 1 fat tailed gecko (Godzilla), 1 kuhli loach (Squirmie), 1 chincilla (Furby), & 1 llama (Hummer)
(I live on a farm of sorts)
My fursona doesn't really have anything to do with any of my pets. The closest simularities are with my dogs (my fursona's in the canine family) and my chinchilla (my chinchilla is technically "beige", but she looks light gray. My fursona is 2 shades of gray with white markings). But that's about it. Unless you count that the mate I made for her is a mutated snake, and I own a snake (my pride and joy <3 Some people wouldn't believe how great of pets snakes make).
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If you don't charge people to coming to where you live to look at animals you need to o_O


Too shy for her own good.
If you don't charge people to coming to where you live to look at animals you need to o_O

I can't count how many times I've said that XD Mom and dad refuse it every time. People already bring their kids over to look at everything. A little extra money from that wouldn't hurt in helping to feed them all.
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Can't really have my fursona as a pet (unless you count some of the statues I own) Officaly I have a turtle, his name is Jing. Unificaly I live with several other pets, 2 cats and one dog. they're not really mine there my roomates but I live with them and they still like to cuddle with me so I consider that the same thing


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used to have a dog but...some things came up.

i can't base my fursona on a pet unless i want a fox running around my house!:)


Yes, I've a pet, but it has nothing to do with my fursona. She's a cat who I found under a parked car in the condominium we used to live in, and my fursona is a goat. Completely unrelated.


Bike riding squirrel thing.
And not bumping threads from 2008 maybe?

Lol I was paying more attention to his stupid way of typing. Dunno why but that lolcat shit should be kept to lolcats and not on forums. I never noticed the date.

Ok so far Mr JimFox not only can't type in proper english, but necro's a thread older than my mother. What a great start to forum life! (sarcasm)


Living the Life Fantastic
Got a border collie back at home (@ Uni), he's very cute, but keeps being mistaken for a girl! >_<

If I could domesticate a red fox, I would totally get one as a pet :-D


Little gensky
I've got a dog, a wolfdog (I don't know the exactly translation of the name of the breed, in italian is Pastore Tedesco), but my fursona is a half cat (i don't know what is the other half of my fursona... XD).
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Nibbles 'n Bits
Bad grammar makes Randy all sadface. Please refrain from using poor grammar here.

Feed the squirrels, don't piss them off.... they're ninjas.


I've got two Yorkshire Terriers. they have nothing to do with me. My mum got them, I think she's a secret furry sometimes(off topic) Anyway I take care of them but they have absolutely nothing to do with my fursona.
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