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Sly and Cunning
Howdy new Furry fan here as of 2 weeks agos. I saw some videos on youtube and thought WOW theres a name for this. Anyway i read in the description about this site being friendy. So far I just like the art and stories but with more time on my hands I could create a furry persona.

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
Welcome If you got questions just ask.


Has World-Cup fever.
Welcome to the fandom and of course to FAF!

Have some fun, enjoy your stay and be yourself. Follow that and you'll be grand.

If anything confuses you, dont hesitate to ask questions, im sure someone will point you in the right direction.

All the best then, ill be seeing ya around mate.


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Welcome in the F.A.F., hope you'll enjoy the stay! ^^


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Yo! Welcome to the forums. =)


Sly and Cunning
Whats the rule on avatars.? Cant we use art from the main page and give credit? If not whats a good place for Fox avatars?


With a name and signature like that you need to be very careful with what you post around here if you don't want your "this site is friendly" illusion to be shattered :V


Welcome to the forums ^^
If you have any questions just ask The Drunken Ace.


Sly and Cunning
lol yeah was being kinda hypocritical what i mean is too happy..you know. I like brutally honest people dont always put a smile over everything...


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Welcome to the forum.