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"Furry" All about sex?

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The results were found not to be concurrent with the shitty sociology study.
Careful, wouldn't want to damage your brain any more than it already is.

What the f*** is that an avatar of, anyways?


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Furries I guess watch as much yiff as no furs watch porn. It's just that FA makes the fetishes people have more easily accessible than other sites with porn and not a search engine that links you to questionable websites with viruses.

Too true. Furries and non-furs are the same when it comes to sex and porn. Well more of when it comes to how frequently they view it then what they view. Nearly everyone does it except a small knot of conservative people.

I'm somewhat suprised the major porn industries havent monopolized yiff, if they haven't started already.

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for me my mind thinks about sex 50% of the time and video games the other 50% of the time. so that means i don't think about sex all the time.


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Face it: If there's a picture of it, there's a sex related counterpart. I've seen disturbing things related to innocent stuff like The Power Puff Girls o_O I realy Dislike the yiff aspect of the fandom, and I can't speak for any one, but I know theres at least 200 registered furs here who are like me

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All about the yiff


Oh shit, never mind.


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I just got back from going out to eat, and swimming. Anyways, OK I just wanted to know is all. Was that hard? lol Some of you took it like I was trolling.


Lets be honest, the furry population consists of HUMAN players. These players, just like their HUMAN counterparts can indeed think about sex. Consdier this: The average HUMAN male thinks about sex every 6 SECONDS.

The only reason its more obvious in the furry fandom is that furs are more open about their inner thoughts, this is also the reason why there is so much drama within the fandom as well.

And face it, in todays society SEX SELLS.

Sorry to those of you who claim to not think about, or not like sex....but you are either not average, or are lying not only to yourself, but everyone else too.


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I thought that it was only furries that were like "WUT R UR FETISHES" online.

Then I went on ultimate guitar and FUCK ME THEY HAD A FETISH THREAD.


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As mentioned before, furries look at porn the same amount as non-furs.

However, I do believe furry porn is a more, for lack of a better term, "specialized" porn. Where else can you find human-animal mixes having sex? You can't. Simple as that.

Also, furry porn has a bit of that, "improbability factor". You probably won't turn on Cinemax at 1:00 AM and see furry porn. EVER. Unless genetecists find a way to offer furry transformations soon, then I don't think RL furries will EVER exist.

Human porn for the average adult male is basically just something to "tide him over" if he doesn't have a gf/wife or he's not getting banged tonite. (This is what I believe it to be.) With me, I know my porn viewing will decrease GREATLY once I find someone special.

Anyways, long post over.


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Furries or not...
porn and sex is natural... IT happens.....don't deny it, so just go with it...
Well... i see porn and yiff as a stress reliever :).. but in ril..i ask about sex at the appropriate time and moment.. like science class :) .. or sometimes when a friend and me gets horny... and no we don't have sex.. we just talk about it..


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OK, not to be a troll or anything. I am the last person you would ever expect to troll. Please do not flame me.

OK, so I've been going through the forums for a while now. Most topics I have seen have been mostly about sex, or dealing with sexual preferences. I just want to know. How much of the Furry population is "Sexually minded"? Meaning, how much of the Furry population only thinks about nothing but sex? Like I said, I am not trying to troll or anything like that. Please don't take this as a troll thread.

I dunno where you got that from, yes there are a fair number of threads involving sex but now go away and count all threads that DON"T involve sex, i bet that is a far greater number. And i'll double that bet to say i am right. you make it sound like this forum is flooded with threads on sex, i dissagree with it.

I just these threads as people asking curious questions as most are pretty much about sexual preferences.


Hey I've never heard of this topic before, how original and imaginative.

Please excuse me while I go meditate on the implications for a while.

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There's a naked skunkette on my desktop. She's a skunkette because I'm a furry, and naked because I have testicles.


In my opinion, no, being a furry is just about drawing in an anthro style, but there are some sickos out there who have to incorporate porn.
But something humorous -like Miko78's 'Caught in the act...'- is ok.


Normal pics, okay.
Erotica, okay.
Porn, in some cases okay.
Yiff... ever once in a blue moon I see one I like, but generally I don't care for an actual sexual act in a pic.


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OK, so I've been going through the forums for a while now. Most topics I have seen have been mostly about sex, or dealing with sexual preferences.

As of this moment, these threads are at the top of the Den board:

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These are at the top of Off Topic:

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I tried to pick the two boards that would most likely have sexual topics in them. I've bolded the ones that are about sexual topics or even may have something sexual in them. 5 of 24, 20.8%. I can guess that more samples will be in that range. So my question to you:



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OK, stop posting in this topic already please. The other reason why I asked. Is because I have seen most youtube videos on furries involving with sex. Please stop posting in here please. I'm done with asking these questions.


It isn't all about sex. But from observing the fandom for ten years, it seems wholly obvious that furry is mostly about sex.

Those who say otherwise are sophists or ignorant.
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