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Furry Animated Short Films and Music Videos


Spotted Skunk
Ever since having seen an increasing number of short films involving anthropomorphic animals, I've wondered just how many of these beautiful pieces of artwork are out there. So I thought, why not make a thread where we can share and enjoy them together.

I'll start with this short film which I've found quite soothing.



Spotted Skunk
Ah, thanks for sharing them here! I wonder why didn't they ping them in the sticky threads.


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I am putting together a Fury Film Making panel at Golden State Fur Con by LAX the first weekend in April. Looking for people wanting to join in to talk about their narrative projects. Need to hear from anyone interested in participating by February 15.


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How has no one posted Caravan Palace's "Lone Digger"?

EDIT: Google AI is too strong. It autocorrected the D in digger with an N.
To necro post or not to necro post? It's lone digger! Of course!

Hell yeah. This song is my life. That and Parov Stelar's songs. I should probably start a whole thread to promote him and CP lol