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Furry anime


Hey there was wondering if anyone had any idea on good furry anime. I have finished watching Spice and Wolf and can't seem to find any other good furry anime.


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I quite liked Legendz. It had quite a few furry characters in it :3
Dunno if other people consider it good but I like it! :p


sweet thanks so much guys il check those out ... i'm always open for new anime's so feel free to post whenever


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Here's a TV movie by Osamu Tezuka called Bagi: The Mighty Monster of Nature, which probably spawned thousands of Kemono fans in Japan :p

This movie has some flaws, but overall I'd still recommend it. Alot of Tezuka's work now that I think about it should really appeal to furries. Phoenix, Kimba the White Lion, The Amazing Three, and I could probably go on...
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Smile PreCure has this guy in it, though the anime itself isn't 'furry'. Might be worth checking out though

Edit: Just noticed that there's already a thread like this.. http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/30532-Furry-Anime

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I was hoping for the Digimon spin-off, WereGarurumon and Leomon Kick Ass: Who Cares About the Digi-Destined? but that never did come to pass!


Spice & Wolf is really good, although the anime isn't entirely focused on the furry character, Holo.


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I know of Spice and Wolf, Loveless (if u can handle yaoi) and thats it :l sorry im not helpful I think Furries should have more anime's

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Summer Wars,
Not Furry in Nature but does have quite a fuw Characters that can be considered Furry

also a couple Episodes from Devilman Lady could be considered furry, particularly the final 4-5 Episodes

Not certain about Dog Days but believe it can be considered too
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Megami Kyōju/ Legend of the Wolf Woman.
Rape, gore, transformation...everything a furfag wants :V


Heh, it's not exactly furry, but "Polar Bear Cafe" is a good one ; )
Grunnolf watch Polar Bear Cafe AKA Shirokuma Cafe. It's so fucking good. There's an adorbs wolf character in it, you like wolves right?

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I've often wondered where some good anthro/furry anime is, myself. I liked Wolf's Rain. It's about wolves who take the shape of humans. That's the only anime I know of, tho. I've seen some artist's and thought, "Man, if they made an anime, I'd watch that series to death" but alas nobody is making anthro/furry anime. I'm trying to making my own anime to address this issue, because you know, if there's none around, might as well make it myself, right?


Cuticle Detective Inaba is fairly new to the scene and it's...all kinds of "Wtf am I watching" in it.

About Loveless, it's not yaoi, it's shounen-ai I believe. Soubi is 21 and Ritsuka is 12.


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Hyper police! It's one of my most favorite mangas ever. It also has an anime series too, but it's not as good. The story diverges from the original manga, there is a lot of censoring and the voice acting is terrible. But still it's at least worth checking out. Nevertheless, I recommend the manga overall. It has an awesome story, lovable and adorable characters and a good setting.

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This is more a film than a show but I really wanna see this thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xLji7WsW0w

The Dad's kinda creepy though. O-o

<<< this guy?
you're tripping
100% cutie

This movie is stunning in every way by the way, and I urge you all to watch it if and when you can.
Watched it 3 times since it was subbed and released on the weekend before last (Saturday the 2nd)
Soundtrack is currently being listened to, to death.

Polar Bear's Café is cute too. Shame it's only 3 episodes 'til it's all over. I started watching it a year ago from a month's time from now. Longest anime I've stuck with from the beginning (until Space Brothers eventually takes over in another 17 or so weeks after Polar Bear's Café ends).