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Furry Anime


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Shining Tears X Wind

Well that does count as furry. But it will not mae much since unless you played the games especially Shining Tears, and Shining Wind the latter released in Japan only. (In fact the entire Shining Series is pretty good. though much of it is Strategy/RPG's

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer


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'Been through the thread, here are some I haven't spotted mentioned:

I'm surprised that no-one has mentioned "The Skull Man."
It's short an sweet -- 13 eps.
At first glance it looks like one of those super-hokey anime with a supposedly "dark" main character / quasi-megahero-who-never-unmasks, but after seeing how well it was reviewed in a few places, I decided to check it out for non-furry reasons. (It also seemed less of a gamble than trying something even well-reviewed of 50 or 50+ ep-length.) So I've said what it's NOT but if I say quite what it IS it'll likely be spoiled.
Watch through the first ep or so and things should pick up.
Barring furryness anyway I found it was relatively compelling.

Most .hack// ("dot hack") anime have anthros, at least the ones I've seen:

  • .hack//sign has Maha, the silent, floaty, illegally-edited character who has a hand in events and is on screen a fair bit, though doesn't get much for speaking lines.

  • .hack//roots has two characters of interest -- the first being the perhaps-annoying Tabby we see a lot, and the fabulous but shortended-for-screentime Mia. I've yet to get to the games but I think we see her more in the Liminality game.

  • .hack//Liminality (4 ep OVA if I'm right) takes place largely IRL and only has a few furry extras/walkons.

  • .hack//Legend of the Twilight has a catgirl (suppoesly a werewolf... has a nonanthro feral form) I think "Ouka" who did not impress me. The overpowering annoyingness of the main- and lack of proper furriness of any support- characters had me quit watching around ep4.

  • .hack//Quantum is ongoing, meaning not all epps are even made muchless released in English. Anyway it has a kitten-like main character "Hermit" (atleast that's what our faithful fansubbers are putting down for now). Given the fact that he's not drawn with fewer lines than other actors, I'd be more inclined to just call him "small" as opposed to "annoyingly auto-chibi" like the heroes in LotT. Anyway, the artistry for Quantum is fabulous and I'm psyched for more as it comes, but no guarantees you'll agree.

A more throwaway example would be Blood+ ("Blood Plus"). The primary type of badguy are these hairless anthro aardvark moster things called "Rats," and the more boss-ish bad guys also have anthroey "true forms," which were interesting. I personally finished the series, but a video on YT called simply "The Worst Anime Scene of All Time" tells you maybe why NOT to do that. Some of the action is more entertaining but most characters are quite flat... and not really 'interesting flat' like the way they portray Alucard in the original Hellsing.
Carry on.


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This single picture symbolizes everything I hate about animu.

Oh, and just because she has fox ears and a fox tail doesn't automatically make it furry.

THIS. :cool:

I don't get japan. They think by slapping cat/wolf ears and a tail on a human while leaving the face,body, arms, legs, etc. intact... it's now a werewolf, or a catwoman?

It isn't.

I have had the chance to check out many of the anime people were advertising here, and hardly any of it is what I'd consider furry. It seems most anime "furries" go in two categories:

- Nekomimi or whatever they called, basically human girls with cat ears, girls with wings and horns that we should consider dragons, the like.
- Talking non-anthro animals and humans that transform (usually magically, see Wolf Rain) into animals.

I'd consider neither of these furry.

Of course, there are the rare anime that do portray proper furry characters. Say, Dilgear from Slayers, many characters from Eto Rangers come to mind, or most of the characters on Kaiketsu Zorori. The thing is... for the most of the time, especially with females, these are just cartoony, not too-well drawn beings.

I have watched quite a lot of Zorori, though, and found these three... now that's what I'd call a proper, AND sexy furry!


They are called (left to right) Angel C, Angel A and Angel B, a parody of Charlie's Angels. Sadly, they only appear in one episode.

Another proper and hot furry anime chick would be Bagi from 'Bagi, monster of mighty nature".

I have yet to see more, sadly. We do have many proper furry guys, but when it comes to girls, most anime just portrays them as nekomimi.

Hoo wow. This threat went through a REALLY bumpy road. But anyways, I'll try to list of anime's I find ACTUALLY related to furry.
Devilman Lady - Some of the monsters just so coincidentally bear similarities to anthros. You get a demonic feline-woman (Not a cat girl! I mean fur and muzzle, I bet that makes you happy Wolfox and Impact) A shark girl. Some insects. For some reason a mix between a cat, a bug, and man. Then a bear for a few minutes. Then another feline girl side character (not neko) who was sadly gunned down in one episode) And there were other interesting monster designs. Did I also mention that the main protagist can turn into a muscly demon chick who's naked most of the time?

You have picked my interest, but I really don't want to jog through the typical 50-or-so episodes of a horror anime. Can you please post screenshots? Or at least name episodes? Especially of the feline girls and the shark chick.

Blue Submarine No. 6 - Again, why did nobody mention this. One of the main antagonists is a shark (I...think) leading half animal hybrids against mankind. You have these fish women (not mermaids perse) with one character called Mutio. And I do recall a minor wolf character who mostly spoke in verse and poem, I dunno, that one character stuck to me. For some strange reason the main villain (if you can call him that) reminds me of Dr. Moreau for creating the chimera race.

Real, attractive fish chicks? In anime? Can you post a screencap? Or youtube link? :)
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You may need to give me a little while Swift. It looks like some of my video files have degraded a little bit, so might have to redownload those series. I'll post preview pics of most of the mentioned series I listed in due time.


Craig Lupine
The only two anime's I know with furries is "Tenchi Muyo GXP" and "Bleach". In Tenchi Muyo GXP, there were a large number of furry characters because they were seen as an alien race, in Bleach, the only character I know of is Sajin Komamura. But other than that I don't honestly know... if you do find out any more anime's with a large furry cast, please let me know :3


Spice and wolf very sexy but not really furry but ist ok i deal


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well hyper police has a lot of anthros

I checked that some time ago, but while there are a few characters with actual animal-like faces, the majority of the women are just humans with cat/dog ears added (See here.) Sorry, but that's not furry... these characters don't even have FUR, for starters...
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Why has noone created a soley furry anime? Not just by chance.?
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Kaiketsu Zorori is 100% furry (well there are some human-like monsters like Dracula, but that's all). And most of the main cast of Eto Rangers is full-on furry as well and some side characters too, though some of them can transform into more human-like forms.


The wolf with gun and pet >>
I dont think anyone mention this but this one has furry anime. But its a movie. Try watching One Stormy Night


Son of a WHORE!


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I would say Panda Z, but that's short little anime cartoons that are like silent movies with sound effects. and they are little animal robots.


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Has anybody mentioned Natsume Yuuchinjou? It features a variety of Yoaki, it seems.

Also, Kaiketsu Zorori? A kid's show about an anthro fox thief.


Hmm...looks pretty sexy!
I was going to tell you some animal anime shows but now I'm not.
Also, Wolf's Rain sucks ass. I've watched the whole thing.All it is is wolves running./

This is Wolf's Rain in 1 min, 22 seconds

if anybody suggests Ginga Densetsu Weed or Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, I will find them. I will find them and make them pay for suggesting such an absolute shit show.

GNG was about dogs fighting each other to protect a pile of rocks
GDW was about dogs fighting
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Thanks, you just saved me a LOT of time in not watching those two. :)

Wolf Rain was OK for about half of the series... Then it becomes padding, and an eventual countdown to the end of the world,knowing the whole apocalypse can't be prevented, making it a bleak and depressing story.

Rex Aeterna

i don't know of anything besides maybe Wolf's rain but that's it for japanese anime.

i know of a short film called cat piano. really great artistic short film. i loved it. i already posted it on best of youtube forum but i guess it's no harm posting it here too.

The Cat Piano