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Nope, buddy. Try to READ. I said, why are there humans in a world populated with anthros? Gah.
Ok, sorry. Geez.

If you knew the story behind Solatorobo, then you would know why there are a few human characters in it. But if I said why, it'd be quite the spoiler.


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Checked it. The dinos are not really anthropomorphic. They are regular dinosaurs that talk.

Here is something new: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cFdmG842HQ - Smile Pretty Cure (Basically, Sailor Moon meets Grimm's Fairy Tales) which has a bad guy who is an anthro wolf (he is basically, the Big Bad Wolf of the tales).

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Checked it. The dinos are not really anthropomorphic. They are regular dinosaurs that talk.
Well anthropomorphism pretty much relates to anything non-human expressing human characteristics. So the dinosaurs talking pretty much defines them as anthropomorphic. That and their general facial expressions and emotions are all very human.

Also who really cares.
The anime "Fairy Tail," might count. The Exceeds can be considered furries and so can a few of the celestial spirits. It's pretty good but I don't think it's finished. You can find it at iphoneanime.net.


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I dunno if these have been mentioned yet but..

The Slayers has several anthro characters tho none are main cast. Dilgear is an anthro wolf/troll who's a baddy in a fair amount of the first season. In later seasons there's been an anthro cat, dog, and fox. Then there's the gold dragon girl who's name escapes me, who sports a tail randomly and transforms into a dragon at various times. Then there's the weird looking lil guy in the last seasons who's name also escapes me atm. He's sorta anthro.. He might even count as a suiter lol. Oh and Joyrock from the first Slayers film. He's a demon but looks sorta like an anthro frog.. thing..

Ranma 1/2 has characters that turn into animals..

Those Who Hunt Elves has a tank possessed by a cat and an elf who got herself stuck as a dumb looking anthro dog. (who's markings make her look more and more silly the more spell fragments they collect)

Night on the Galactic Railroad has nothing but anthro cats but it's a bit boring imo.

Ruin Explorers has a catgirl and her partner who randomly turns into a mouse lol

S'all I can think of atm that I haven't seen mentioned.
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Could you post some screencaps from Slayers and Ruin Explorers? I kinda stopped Slayers after season 1 - I hear Dilgear later comes back to life as he promised in some weird cameo role, but otherwise that show is not really merciful to villains, they rarely survive 5 episodes.

Found this furry character from "Urusei Yatsura", episode 043 - 'The Terror of Meow'. She is a human woman who somehow got transformed to a catwoman and the episode is mainly about the main character and a cat with an eyepatch duking it out over who gets to kiss her to restore her to normal. A more furry-looking cat appears in the beginning, singing.



Also, 'Alice Detective Agency'. I have yet to find it subtitled, from what I understand and found on Wiki, it's basically following Grimm's fairy tailes with furries. It has some well-designed anthros as well as cartoony silly ones.






Then there is "Blue Bird of Happieness" aka "Lucellino Azzuro", which features an anthro cat and dog. I really wish I could find some episodes for download.


And this one, I have no idea what it's from...




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The Sailor Moon rip-off anime "Tokyo Mew Mew" has some good-looking anthros too - not the titular characters, who are just generic catgirls (humans with ears and tails), but the "Chimera Animals" who are the usual monster-of-the-day enemies, created from real animals through merging it with an alien parasite. In no particular order:

-Dancing Bird Woman


Bazooka Chicken (yes, she actually uses her eggs as ammunition, and man she has got some nice chicken legs!)



Frigate Birds (there are two of them - and they attack by inflating their boobs, erm, chests, like the real thing...)


Garagara (a giant naga-like snake-woman)



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Cat-o-Nine-Tails (he was created from a pampered tomcat at a cat convention)


Piano Cat (Created from the soul of a pianist woman, a cat, and a keyboard...and she attacks with music. Quite a revealing outfit, too)


Punchy the Kangaroo (yes, she is a busty muscled boxing kangaroo... with a little plushie kangaroo in her pouch that can act on his own!)



Samba Lizard (she dances, she shakes the maracas, she grins like crazy - and fires deadly energy blasts)


Siren (she has two forms, the original green is more human-like, this is her more fish-like anthro form)




Tapir Woman (first anthro tapir I have seen, like... ever. She can enter dreams and attacks with lavender-filled 'succubus-pillows!' :smile: This is a crazy show.)


Toxic Beauty (pretty four-armed anthro butterfly. poisonous dust also included...)


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This topic is retarded.


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In case it hasn't been mentioned yet, I would like to nominate Osamu Tezuka's Bagi: The Monster of Mighty Nature and Wonder 3. If you have not heard of them, then that's okay. Look them up. They are pretty darn good. Also, optionally, you could look up the art of Dr. Comet. Although, I would prefer that you did not.

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No, YOU are. For making such a statement without explanation as to why, or invitation to do so in the first place.

Let me guess, you must be like, 12?

I bet when your mom gave birth to you, She didn't do it on purpose.

Uh-oh, I went there...


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After reading this thread, I watched all 25 episodes of Hyper Police and that show is awesome. I actually watched ep. 8 to 24 in one day taking a little over 7 hours.

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The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

Newest Mamoru Hosoda movie. He directed The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars, both very very very good movies.
Despite how cringe worthy the plot seems, the fact that it's from the same director as those two movies, I'm definitely going to be watching it.


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Watch "The Skull Man" - not only is it a good anime show (detective film noir story with monsters and a very dark vigilante who makes Punisher look like a swell guy) but it is full of proper, western-style anthros, male and female. I have taken a few screencaps, you can find them here:

http://s189.photobucket.com/albums/z269/Swift_Nimblefoot/The Skull Man/?start=all

A few I have mirrored to get your interest. :)


Nami-nee (basically, Renamon with proper boobage!)


Rena - I could really never say she's a cat or a dog, but they call her a cat-girl, so must be the latter.


Tetsurou - best doberman furry I have seen in a cartoon yet.


Sayoko - reminds me of Charlotte from Gold Digger, actually!


Lizard anthros - there are a lot of them in the last episodes, male and female as well.

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Swift12, Why do you do this?


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'cause drawing obscure cartoon characters is what I do, so I try to find references? 'Cause this is, you know, a FURRY message board?

Better question is, why are you here trolling the boards. You get a kick out of leaving nonsensical comments in random threads? Whatever floats your boat, but there is 4chan for that, you know.

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I'll ask you again, Why are you posting images of animes that have catgirls instead of talking about an anime based around furries?