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Don’t forget Iggy!

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There is a Chinese-Japanese joint production called Space Bugs that I saw advertised on an anime site.


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Also for a "somewhat bearable but also annoying" anime, Sonic X has all the Sonic characters and about three seasons I believe.


Hellsing. The main character transforms into uh... stuff.


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So I'm a Spider, So What? AKA Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Is out now, and it seems like one of the girls was reincarnated to a cute dragon pet as well.

So after watching the first episode, I think I can accurately guess the format will be that 80% of the show will be about our protagonist while the remaining 20% will show what is happening with the other reincarnated students and teacher.

Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
Anybody seen Wolf Children?


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Does Aggretsuko count as anime? I feel like it's more cartoon than anime. I hate metal but wound up really enjoying that series so far.

I was considering looking into Beastars but I'm not sure I will enjoy it if it's predator boy meets prey girl and the narrative is about the angst of that relationship. I just didn't like what the trailer gave me? I need to be sold on it being more than a familiar 'I need to tame the beast within for love to work' plot.

BNA looks fairly anthro too but does it have annoying characters or a bunch of humor that is uh...not funny? I have not had much enjoyment from anime that has comedy in its descriptor. Not counting cartoonish anime like Aggretsuko or Doraemon. I prefer anime to be entirely serious or almost entirely cartoonish.

If I had to pull from my own experience and recommend something from the West I'd recommend Kipo on Netflix. Wakfu feels like a recommendation for furries because it has a lot of anthro in its world but I'm conflicted about recommending it because of it taking 16 episodes to get to any actual plot and..."gross-out" humor fairly often. Both of these series shine in the villain category though.

If I had to recommend something that isn't anthro at all but I think would be up a furry's alley I'd recommend Mushi-shi or Ancient Magus' Bride idk how to explain why I say that though.