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COMMISSIONS: Current status: OPEN

Please send me a NOTE!
Userpage of thedinopharaoh -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

!!Animated or non-animated. Please specify which one!!


-Paypal ONLY: miki.iksiks@gmail.com
-Send me a NOTE
so we can discuss the commission further. Please try to include everything in one message
if I agree to it in order to avoid any confusions on my part and to keep the notes as sorted as possible.

-You can pay in two parts and in any currency! Make sure the amount sent is correctly converted.
-You can pay at any given time. Please make sure the payment is received fully before the final upload.

-Max 2 types of commissions per person!
-You are allowed to request proccess images at any stage of the commission.
-You can request a speedpaint video.

-In case you're not satisfied with the art you recieve from me, you can request a re-draw or a half refund. Please make sure to do so before the art is finished!
-Finished paintings will be uploaded to all my social sites unless requested otherwise.
-Full-sized paintings can be sent via e-mail per request.
-Traditional commissions will be packaged and sent to your adress per request.
-Digital commissions can be printed on photo paper and sent to your adress per request (A4 or A3 sized prints on glossy or mate paper).


Will draw:
-humans, anthro/furry, animals (all types), robots, fantasy/mythology and creatures, fanart (any kind), tasteful nudity, romance, kissing, dynamic poses, action scenes, screencap redraws, anime, weapons, gore, lgbtq+,
muscles, death scenes, tattoos, piercings, sexual innuendos, babys, hybrids, zombies, dragons, monsters, ect.

Won't draw:
-pornography, fetishes, overly sexualized furries, bondage (unless minimal), offensive imagery, vore, necrophilia, bestiality, vomit and other body fluids (BLOOD IS OK!) , furry fetishes, politics and anything political, ect.


Feel free to ask more questions in the comments bellow!

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