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Furry Batman?


Now what was that spell again?
So, I don't know if it's the last few hours of watching Batman the Animated Series, Lego Batman or what but I have this inclination to make a furry version of Batman. So, I am putting it up here for two reasons. The first being is that I want to get some input on if anyone would read the stories or not. The second is that I need help picking species for the characters.

Batman - cat
Joker - Coyote
Harley Quinn - Hyena
Alfred -
Commisioner Gorden - Bloodhound
Harvey Dent -
Pamela Isley/ Posion Ivy -
Robin -

Any other ideas for characters or anything else is great help.
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The Oft Mispronounced
Robin always reminds me of an owl, for some reason. But, considering his name, the best bird for the job would be a robin. The Joker would be interesting as a cat; the Cheshire cat springs to mind.


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If Batman was a literal bat that might make it too obvious. After all, Batman's distinguished by his use of gadgets and fighting skills, not any gifted supernatural abilities or "superpowers". He's also vigilante, occasionally wanted by police himself.


Then what would you do about the numerous rogues in the Batman canon? If Batman's not a literal bat, there's no point in Catwoman being a literal feline (remember, they actually did that in one episode). Catwoman would still need something to rival Batman's own skills (maybe she could be the raccoon).


The joker is definitely more like a hyena.


Now what was that spell again?
Reason I said Harley as a Hyena is because she had a pair of them as pets in the series. I thought that Joker would be more of a canine then anything else, just not sure which one to pick.


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Why not turn it around and make him Manbat?

Not so silly as you think. If animals are the norm, and you need a "super" something, then are human attributes it?



Cowardly Coyote
Joker is, without a single doubt in my mind, a coyote. Traditional trickster character. Not exactly good or bad, but screws things up in wonderful ways.

Maybe a tanuki? They can use their balls as drums, and their scrotums as parachutes. The humor writes itself.