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Furry chat binds


Rez the Wolfdog
So I know a good bit of games and other stuff let you have chat binds. I made a bunch of furry related binds that I use, mainly in CSGO. Usually I will use them when people are telling me to burn in hell and such. Especially if I am winning, because furry psychological warfare.

anyways so far I have:
F1 : Aruff!
F2‎ : Awoo!!
F3‎ : *wags tail*
F4‎ : *intense sniffing*
F5‎ : Hey mister watch the tail!! >:3
F6‎ : You wouldn't shoot a cute wittle puppy would you? :'(
F7‎ : *pouts*
F8 : I'ma wittle dog typing on the keyboard wif my cute paws! :3

Hoping to see if anyone can come up with other good ones?

Sam Akuchin Wamm

Well-Known Member
what if you're not canine?