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Furry Clan - Public Discord!


New Member
Welcome to Furry Clan
We are a growing community featuring; Commissions, RP, gaming, and streams! New server, please give us time to get more active :)! Zero tolerance of extreme, and vulgar behavior.

Hello~ Just wanted to share a link to my server <3
I would like to see it grow and maybe have new people to talk to!

The community is very laid back and kind.
Feel free to join, or stop by!~

Link to Discord server:

Link to my FA if you need to contact me:
Userpage of phoenixmagica -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Thanks for reading, and possibly checking us out! :D


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Why does it seem 99% of Discord invites tend to be expired? A pattern I have noted...


Permanent invite links is just dumb. Makes it easy for trolls, assholes, spammers and idiots to come and fuck with you on the server.

That being said, I am somewhat interested in joining this group too.

Necro much? I hate it when they put Deathbolts in my soup.