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furry closet


My dog is classy and dont you forget it. outside of the fact that he wont use a toilet he is more civilised than most people.


then roll them in glue and then roll them across the floor of a barbor shop. that should be good enough.


I was thinking more along the lines of slaughtering my neighbor's dog for a nice fursuit

I could use the skull in my next art project


as long a you use the whole thing. and could you send me the tail my fursuit could use a touch of realism.


My folks are almost seniors AND are religious, so telling them would not likely go well.

I was generalizing, and yes, I could see how that wouldn't go well.
There's always the other option - come of age, move out, and then don't worry about it. :p

Always good to have a plan B. But humans are social creatures, and I'm finding that even tho I'm now the parent, there's still things I wouldn't tell my mate. Same challenge I guess, just on a different issue. Funny this struggle for recognition and acceptance.


a troll that has sex with his and other peoplz dogz

Seems like someone doesn't know what a troll is.


On topic. I tend to keep to myself IRL about my furriness. However, I do want to go to a furcon someday, but I'm still a bit unsure as to how to tell family about it; even if I do get my own ride and means of taking myself there, I wouldn't want my family to wonder where I've been. Ah well.


Off hunting...
Except for the fact that my parents see desktop wallpaper is a wolf and that I write stories, my parents don't know anything. And if they did happen to find out, they would think its something like anime.
I might reconsider telling them, cause those collars at Petco are tempting...


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*sigh* I told my mother and Grandma, and no one supports me. My mother thinks I'm to young because "The core of furry is based around sex".


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well since i only really thought about it and joined this forum few days ago, i haven't told anyone and don't intend to tell anyone.
to the fact that im a new furry so.


is that really necessary?
my parents know but they dont know what a furry is so it doesnt matter to them. as for other people...i guess you could say im in the furry closet still and i dont want to come out because im scared of what the reactions could be


I've been looking at furry art since freshman year of college, which would be about 5 years ago.

I started to self-identify as a furry during the summer of 2007, so about 18 months ago.

I mentioned it to my mother and closest friends a week ago, after attending my first con (FC). They were wondering why I had dropped off the face of the earth for 5 days, and I didn't feel like making up a story. Plus, it was as good a time to bring the topic up as I'd ever have. When I said that I was at a furry convention:

  • One of my friends asked what furry was, and left it at that.
  • Another was surprised, since he strictly believed "furry relates to a type of sexual fetishism". That was an awkward conversation, but it ended alright.
  • My mother asked for pictures from the con, proceeded to ask me questions about my fursona (without actually using that word), and told me she was glad to hear I had interests outside of work. And she lent me her sewing machine so I could try to make a fursuit!

So, overall it went pretty good.

As for everybody else, I have no plans to tell them, but I'm not going to hide it either. If somebody directly asks me, then that's fine. I'm just not going to bring up the conversation myself, because it wouldn't accomplish anything except make people uncomfortable.
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