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Furry Crushes


WAY older than Mr. Black
When I was a little kid I had one on Pepe Le Pew, then when I was a bit older I discovered Mam'selle Hepzibah in the Pogo comic strip; rather prominent bust with a little curlique of fur coming off of it. (That's when I realized I was straight.) I still like her, but Thumper's girlfriend in Bambi? Va-va-VOOM!! (Man, she can stroke my ears anytime she wants!)


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Did someone say waffle?
I've never had a crush on a character, just on certain species.


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Currently the Jabberwock, but I think it's dying out. Might come back when I see Christopher Lee doing the voice though *swoons over the Count Dooku*.
The Jabberwock kicks ass!

He has claws that catch ._.
I think that... love is only real and can't be done with imagionary things.
Although some people did marry imagionable things -_-.


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Captain Spyro

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One time, at basic training...
In the old Tom and Jerry cartoons, I always had a little crush on the girl kitties Tom would try to impress. The chupacabra's a bamf too....and if it counts Jhonen Vasquez's version of ze devil [which looks quite animalistic if you're looking atthe one i'm thinking of]

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I don't crush on fictional entities.


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My first furry crush was Maid Marian from Disney's Robin Hood. I was 9 when it was re-released in '82, so I was at that wonderful age when boys first start to notice... certain things. (At least, some boys who were early bloomers like me.)

After that, there were no specific characters I crushed on, only my fantasy creations who often had no name... much less a full bio. I did find Spyro the Dragon attractive, but he was male and I'm straight so yeah... no.