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Furry Dolls? Opinions Needed!!!


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I'm working on creating a line of 'Fursona Dolls' for customizing, art reference, and just general coolness. And to start out I would like to just have 10 basic dolls and gradually add new species over time. So, I want to get the communities input on what y'all want to see

1. So, what are the top 10 most common fusona types in y'all's opinion?

2. What are the top 10 colors? Light (color) and Dark (color) count as different colors.

3. Beyond no horns/horns no mane/mane should there be difference in appearance between male and female dolls? Like should a the lady wolf doll have breasts or wider hips? or should the dolls be androgynous?

4. Should the dolls be 'anatomically correct' i.e. no molded underwear or should they be rocking a ken doll situation?

5. Any additional insights or ideas you all might have?


That sounds like a cool idea :D
If you did make one, i'd consider buying one :3


Chum bucket with the u
If I get a doll of my own fursona would it end up being a voodoo doll of myself? Beacuse that could turn out REALLY BAD if I lost it and another furry found it :eek:


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Wolf, fox, cat and dragon (tho I don’t know you’d do dragons w/o horns) are very common. You’d have to dig a bit for a fursona species survey to get 5-10. I can guess but it’d only be a guess.


i use to make those to their very easy :p i made them with paper if i made some now im sure peaple would love to have one lol :p yey