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Furry Drama?


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From time to time... I hear these two words placed together in people's journals on here, and I oddly shift my head upwards and say... 'Huh?'. I mean, I get the concept, and I've been on the internetzorz long enough to see some drama, but from DA to FA and CC to TK, I haven't exactly seen any furry drama. I just don't really see... well, furs not getting along. With all the stuff that furs have going on on the internet, I don't know... I guess it's always seemed surprising that this concept could enter my meek head.

I'm quite sure I'll come across as a nooblet by asking to see an example of the Drama. But... for some reason, it just interests me to see it once, even though I've heard it in third hand occasions.


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Umm...I am actually working on a "furry" drama/romance series that I want to make into a comic series/graphic novel (and maybe a animated series/movie down the road)

Right now, the first episode is still in the very early stages. (I am working on the first draft of the script right now) And we will see how it goes.

I call it "furry" because, yes the characters an anthropomorphic, but, 1) i do not really care for that term (especially when applied to drama) and 2) with all the symbolism in it, "furry" just doesn't fit.


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^That's awesome, Shouden, except we're referring to something with less of the creative and more of the stupid.

Furry drama usually generates from such and such making some comment or another on silly fur's art, which upsets silly fur for reasons unknown. If this comment is negative, silly fur baaaaws in a journal to rally support from watchers, which usually works. On occasion, though, non-watcher will come along and notice how worthless the journal is, and the journal--and submission--may end up deleted and/or reposted altogether.

Trust me. I experienced this about a week ago when actually complementing a piece, but expressing how I wasn't as fond of the source as the artist (it was fan art). This made me a jerk, apparently.


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umm....okay. *bows and exits* have fun, then


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I'm so amused by furry drama.



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Well, there was this one user a while back...
I won't name names though. He's come a long way since then. :)

I do love my furry drama though. It makes me smile. <3


I'd love to be able to witness some furry drama. 8D
But being new to the online furry communities and all, I've yet to see some >:


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Furry Drama......................... I GIVE YOU THE KING! http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Pogoroo

So that's where he went.

I still enjoy his tactics. |D Although it seems he jumped ship. It was fun seeing his work. Art or not.

That's just so bad, I have to appreciate it. x3

If I was laughing, I'd be as happy as this guy:

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Furry, drama is awesome. Fun to watch!


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Theres no escaping drama, no matter where you are theres going to be a ton of it and I hate it.


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I'd love to be able to witness some furry drama. 8D
But being new to the online furry communities and all, I've yet to see some >:

Well same here. I've seen lots of drama on other forums and I'm yet to see it here.


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This isn't just any drama....This is furry drama.

I've nevr actually seen furry drama, though...even though everyone who i've met in RL and knows furries say they are famous for drama.

A coincidence? i think not! or do i? i dunno...

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On LJ furry drama is taken to a whole new level. *eye twitch*

And not to mention some of my very first experiences in the fandom was stepping plum into the middle of the drama via the man I was starting to see seriously broke up with the other person he was seeing casually. Break ups are bad, but when combined with the fuel of furry connections and unreal expectations of how life can be made for one helluva an experience that's just best to forget. It all left me with one shiny thought throughout the experience. "My goodness, some of these folks tend to be a bit unstable."

Then there was the time when we were preparing for a Con and the hotel lost our reservation. I called ahead the day before and they couldn't find it despite my conformation number, so luckily we weren't there without a room, just wondering what to do for a room or debating if should wait till the next day when they could get us a room. He decided to see if we could crash overnight with someone and one of his friends, a really nice guy, talked with his roommate for the convention and agreed to let us stay. Then he found out through course of conversation that I was a female, a real bit and boobied female. The offer was revoked for me. A gay guy who hated women that much. I guess he was pretty ticked at the friend for trying to pull a fast one to sneak a girl by him. Drama ensued....

I never even knew there was fandom until I met my husband and he was rather new to it. So, when he trudged through the muck of drama for the first time, he took me with him. We quickly began to agree on who and what we would avoid. It was a learning experience. I guess our first introductions were in a bad crowd. Lately, though, we've been hanging out with very very pleasant, fun loving, and warm people and I'm enjoying myself a lot more.

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What's the difference between furry drama and regular drama?
Is furry drama the one where people can point and pretend they never do that?