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Furry ears: What style do you prefer?


I've noticed something: Almost every furry character I've seen has upright ears. It's pretty rare to see one with floppy or folded ears.

Mr. Sparta

Scale Face
The most common furry characters are foxes or wolves. In general, both animals have upright/straight ears.

I can see why you would say that.


Taste purple
Floppy is more of a cute char. I usually make my chars strong and serious so they have upright ears. Can't really have squishy mushy stuffs in my fics because those are the kind that I simply must kill in a chapter or two.


I personally don't like floppy/folded ears, but upright ears, although awfully common, can be really cute. :3 I also like bent-back or elfish ears.. or a lack of ears altogether!


The Last of Us.
Dont forget is an expression thing, when animals are pissed or upset they hold their ears down.


Of course, though I meant the sort of ears you mostly see on dragon characters, that go along with their muzzle and/or horns. o:


resident spaceship
I would imagine it depends on the situation that the animal is in?

I mean, I've drawn my fursona (who is mostly cat) with upright ears, slanted down ears, slightly tilted ears, ears pointing in different directions, etc.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
I've never thought about this before. Yeah, I guess most anthro characters would seem to have upright ears.

However, for my book I did create a species which has very long, slim ears which just hang down on their shoulders.

I guess preference comes into it a lot.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Upright with fuzz inside.


Shapeshifting alien dragon
I have no particular preference in ears other than they should match to their species if possible, or have a reason as to why they don't (ie a GSD with a floppy ear because the cartilage was damaged when they were working). The majority of my characters have upright ears - but that is because their species/breeds tend to have upright ears. I do have a saluki with ears which hang down - although that is typical of the breed.

Also of note to point out - the majority of wild, non-domesticated species which have ears, have upright ears. There's only a few exceptions. Floppy or folded ears tends to be seen more in domesticate animals. Being as there are simply more species of animals to choose from which are wild, it follows suit that there would be more furries with upright ears.


Shepherd of Fire
I prefer upright ears, I just think they look a lot better. Of course, there are some 'sonas that suit the floppy ear thing (can you imagine a spaniel without the fluffy ears hanging down?) but generally the upright kind just look better

Would of been interesting to attach a poll to this one, get a better look at the opinion split.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

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Backwards ears. Sharp and strong, but pointing back instead of up. It's a sergal trait so yay for that


I like Otter ears because they're small and cute. And Bat ears because they're usually big and cool looking.