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Furry Elitism: Fursuiters


Sketchy Blue funk :P
And you can really customize your appearance with the outfit!

This is my thinking, sure a lot full suits look amazing but I'd rather be able to change my look with a store bought top/bottom switch and not passing out from over heating is on my mind a lot. I have enough trouble in day to day clothing (I'm just that hot lol). I'd need a cooling suit and fans in every possible gap in a full suit just to stay alive in there. If I can survive a partial I might go three quaters later, it depends on my crafting skills....


Xavier Fox

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You get this in all kinds of hobbies.

Unfortunately some people see perceived enhanced social status through owning nice things as making them more important than the less well off.

It's all total male cow poo.

If you share a common interest, then you don't look down on people just because they have or earn less.

There is a saying I like very much.

"You are never too important to be nice to people"

As an older Fur running my own business in London I am bringing in a reasonable figure and have encountered many of these types in different hobbies. Personally I prefer the company of sensible normal people than these idiots that are trying to make up for something and turning a hobby and shared interest into a competition.

Water Draco

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From my experience of the meets I go to in London, I have not encountered this sort of elitism. And from what I have seen everyone happily mixes with one and other.

From people that outwardly you would not be able to tell if they participated in the fandom, to people that maybe have a themed T-shirt on maybe a ty toy attached to the zipper on there bag, people with ears/tails on, sona badges, themed puppets, partial suiters, full suiters, some are self made, some are commissions.

When someone turns up and suits in something unfamiliar the responses I hear from the other suiters is along the lines of "Great someone new joining in. It's always great to see more getting involved"

Only going on comments I have seen on social media/forums and so on. Is there a difference between the fandom in the USA and the rest of the world?
The general impression I am getting is that it seems more relaxed outside of the USA.


Meme Machine Gun!
I find it hilarious that some furries brag about being adults which waste so much money on cringe, creepy cereals mascots costumes and act like pedophiles by approaching kids at playgrounds.


Hare Boi
A lot of people look down on those without suits at all, which sucks. Not all of us have the money to buy one or the skill to make one.


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Proud for being a furry? There's nothing to be proud of, let alone, a fursuit elitist. >.>
I'm joking.

Though yes, it's somewhat of a problem. I've heard of some stories of shitty behavior between casual fursuiters vs major fursuiters. Honestly, if you feel the need to flaunt your money and weath to stroke your own ego, you might have other problems. Probably to compensate for something they don't have. Something they can't buy with money.
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*Honesty alert*
I personally find most fursuits scary with the lifeless eyes and the thought that there's an adult inside the costume. I can see how outsiders could feel more negative towards them.
Has anyone else considered this?

I know exactly what you mean! I won't put anyone down for wanting a fursuit or anything, but you will NEVER see me at a convention because those suits scare the shit out of me! I never even let the high mascot near me in high school, it scared me that badly! (I was in marching band and would climb over other players during football games to get away from the mascot.)


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Have any of you seen that clip from the Morning Joe show on MSNBC where they are talking about a furry convention that had to evacuate the hotel it was in do to a gas leak? Myka had never heard of a furry before and ran out of the show towards the end of the article when she found out! I think she would be one to put fursuiters down as strange or crazy, but the ones at the convention were nice, huddling around those that didn't have fursuits to keep them warm.