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Furry Erotica Commissions (USD$1.50 Per Page, price negotiable)


I pretend I'm a fluffy kitty on the interfloofs~
Hey there! I'm Ryker!

I'm here wanting to see if I could make a little side money, as I don't have any reliable sources of money at the moment.

So I chose something that I've been doing well: Furry erotica. Now, forewarning. I don't think I'm top-tier, I think I'm pretty low-tier. But friends of mine love my stories and RP style so I thought I should at least try doing commissions. I want to start off by saying that I am seventeen years of age, but I'm hoping that doesn't bother many people.

Now, the types of erotica I can do are somewhat limited for now. I'm mainly good at doing male on male, and somewhat good at ferals. Straight content is a little on the softer side, only because I haven't done much role-play with females in my past year of role-playing. Nonetheless, I will try my best. I saw someone else posting a commission like this, and I saw their prices was 2.000 words for thirty dollars. I'm willing to negotiate prices, but my normal stories are about two-thousand words at the minimum.

I can provide a few samples, but I don't really have many. I'd have to write a few samples.

I know this post isn't too much like a normal commission, it's my first proper one, so please cut me some slack!


I pretend I'm a fluffy kitty on the interfloofs~
Note: Price drop from USD$3.00 to USD$1.50! I thought it was a little high, so I halfed it.