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Furry families...why?

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Wow, the heat in this room is pretty intense!! I also don't think it's a big deal. There's nothing wrong with people caring for each other, being kind, enjoying their company, helping each other out, etc. Even if they "role" play actors like kids playing house I don;t care. It creates more love which is what life's all about anyways.


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I'm curious: when you say that it's nothing to be ashamed of are you implying that you got out of the closet?

No, actually. I think it's more that I've made peace with it myself, and I don't think anyone should hate themselves for it. I just worry about the repercussions. I'm not "out", but I have actually told a few people like classmates or people who have no connection to my friends or family whatsoever. It just kinda came up in conversation, or a group session. I don't see most of them anymore so it's not a big deal, but it kinda felt good to get it out there to someone.

Basically, I accept myself, I just don't know if everyone else will share the sentiment, or at least the people I want to share it with. I guess that's the frustrating part for me.


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It may be helpful to ask yourself why something that you feel is bad or wrong about you is wrong. The answers and images that immediately pop into your head after you ask can be extremely instructive.

Ughh the answers that come to mind all center around religion. I mean I was taught that homosexuality is a sin and therefore I am sinning. Even though I'm an atheist, I still have this notion in my head that I'm committing some horrible violation because I'm not straight.

Wow when I saw this I knew Sylox was full of shit.

I'm not full of shit, I'm full of blood.


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What the.. how did this thread become about Sylox
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