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Furry Fiesta: Disco Infurno! Feb. 25 - 27, 2011 - Addison, TX


...with a grain of salt
For years, Texan furries have been talking about the need for a furry convention in Texas. In 2009, their wishes were granted! Furry Fiesta was born, with a record-breaking attendance of 542 on its first year and 780 in its second year! But we're not ones to rest on our laurels, and so we proudly present:

Furry Fiesta 2011: Disco Infurno!

Coming to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison, TX on February 25 - 27, 2011!

We've already got great guests of honor lined up:
Lucky Coyote - Founding member of Don't Hug Cacti and skilled fursuit crafter!
Megan Giles - Her charismatic art has been a part of furry culture for years!

We've also managed to negotiate a great rate for the luxuriant hotel rooms for which Crowne Plaza is known, just $89/night for 1-4 people!

If you attended Furry Fiesta 2009 or 2010, then you're in for a few surprises that we think you'll like: new tracks, new events, and more space than before mean that it's like a whole new convention! And if you didn't, then come find out what you missed!

Pre-registration is open now! Head over to our registration page and let us know you're coming! We'll be having concerts, panels, fursuit games, an art show, a new and improved dealer's den, a charity auction, an improved fursuit parade...and that's just a small sample of what we've got so far. If there's something you want to see, come to our forums and let us know; we want to hear your ideas!

We hope to see you there!


...with a grain of salt
Oh, we've totally booked Matthew Ebel to play at Furry Fiesta 2011, too.

Just sayin'. :)


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Bump, because it's coming up on us like a freight train!

Also, Rocky Horror Picture Show. FYI. :)


Craig Lupine
I'm looking to be a roommate for this Furcon, and this would be my first so I have no idea what to expect or pay. I can pay over time, but not in one sitting. I'd like to know how much a room will cost and how much it's being split between others interested.


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Just letting everyone know, pre-registration closes on January 31st; if you're going to pre-reg (and you really should), now's the time!


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Really hoping I can make it, too. I'll be coming all the way from good ol' Oregon. Gotta find roomspace first. XD Then I can get my plane tickets and pre-reg! Woo~


...with a grain of salt
I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone there!

That said, be advised! Pre-registration closes in two weeks! That's right, on January 31st, pre-reg closes and you'll have to register at the convention itself!


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Will definitely be going to this one! :) From Tulsa, Oklahoma, down to good ole' Texas :D can't wait! Haven't been to this con yet....should be fun!


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Do I count as a veteran? Been there since the first, this year likely won't be my last!

Edit: As a side note, Crys the Hybrid has requested I do the "Emotion through your Eyes" panel for her, so those of you interested in it, it'll be 9:30 on saturday~


I will be attending, aswell as my two friends whom have been begging to tag along with me.


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I wonder if you'll are ever planning to have the convention at the George R.Brown convention center in downtown Houston


...with a grain of salt
I wonder if you'll are ever planning to have the convention at the George R.Brown convention center in downtown Houston

I'm not going to say 'never', but I'd say it's extremely unlikely that we'll be leaving the D/FW area anytime soon.


I WILL be there this year! :D


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roomshare offer closed.
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