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Furry first?

Which way did you go?

  • Zoo, then also became a furry.

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  • Furry, then also became zoo.

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Sibe said:
Were you a zoo first, then a furry? Or a furry first and then a zoo?

Can't I be one and not the other? :(


This thread is now about zoos.

I like going to the zoo, although I haven't been there in a long time. Mostly, I remember that at the LA Zoo, they used to have these machines that would make, like, a cheap wax statue of a rhinoceros or something, those were cool. I also remember Caesar, the infamous gorilla with deadly aim and bowels filled with ammo. . . I wonder if he's still around pwning bratty kids who bug him.


I haven't been to the zoo in years. I used to love it as a kid. Recently, they made the enclosures even bigger to let the animals have more space to wander about. I should go sometime soon.

Best thing to do at Dublin zoo was to feed the giraffes!! You even got to pet them!!


It was really weird, 'cause when you see them you expect them to be like skin, but it's feels more like they have an uber thin layer of hair. Just like a horse, really. They also have the longest tongues EVER!! O.O
you guys act liked you've never seen a giraffe up until now, lol. I remember when I was like... 6, and I got licked to death by one.

anyway, I'll always JUST be a furry


Master of Disaster
Zoos are great. There are some new lion cubs down here in North Carolina. They were acting like big kittens; it was hilarious to watch them.

Seriously, I'm surprised someone other than RAGING DOUCHEBAG responded to this poll.


The most active I've ever seen an animal at the zoo was this galloping capybera who took a dive into the water. It was quite cute :D

Been ten years since I haven't been to one...;_;


Ah I love the zoo, I saw a small baby skunk once. Quite the cuteness =n_n=

I haven't been to one in years though.


New Member
Eh? a new topic~ ^^

The last time I went a Zoo was about ten years ago... I always loved visiting, but when funds began to run short, visits were dramatically cut to once-every-never.
I admit, the first animals that I was ever relaly interested in were Peacocks... I was always curious as to why the ones at the zoo were too lazy to open their tail featers so that I could snap a good picture with my little toy smiley-faced camera...


No time like the present.
I like to go to the reptile house :D .
There I see the Burmese Pythons :D and Komodo Dragons :D and Crocodiles :D.
fun fun fun.

(plus the aquatic and rainforest centers rule out loud ftw!)

Ray Kicio

Sibe... Such a troll. :p

Last time I was at a zoo was last year because one is 30 minutes away from my father's place. I'm not too fond of them, just because I tend to find caged animals boring. They don't DO anything!

Expect the monkeys! I <3 Spider Monkeys.


Bokra, come out to pla-ay
Vornesoul said:
Sibe... Such a troll. :p
He's more interesting than other trolls though.
He like, hits you in the face with a club but instead of running or clubbing you to death, he just sits there and watches you roll in pain. No laughing, no pyscho smile, just watches.

Ziba the lioness

Overgrown housecat
Im a furry but not in to zoo and never was. Must admit that I like the thought of a horse or dog doing me but I would never make it become real. Its just a fantasy. Some fantasies are not ment to happen.

And about going to the zoo, I was at the zoo in my city a couple of weeks ago but sadly could only stay there and watch the lions for 15 minutes before I had to go, since I went there through work and had a meeting with the owner of the zoo


I haven't been to a zoo in years :( the last time I went I was a little kid, I recall buying a large plastic snake and throwing it at people :p


where my frogs at?
i wnet to the portland zoo for my birthday last year. it was fun. they had penguins and orangatans, among other animals. then we went to the zoo lights at christmas time. that was cold, but beautiful. they gave us those fractal glasses to look at all the christmas lights with. it was like being on lsd again. except it was legal and only cost a dollar.