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Furry Freetime?


Rebel Wolf
What do most furries do in their free time?


I still like Lombaxes, though.
I browse FAF, and chat to other furries when no one's home, or I hang with my friends when they're around. Or I browse FAF and chat to other furries while my friend is playing PS3 on my internet...
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Inglorious Bastard
Browse and kill things on WoW if I am not working/studying/spending time with me posse and Kin.


Browse FAF of course! :)
Aside from military shenanigans I usually work on my music. However, I'm bored most of the time during my "free time".

Kyle Necronomicon

Not a Person
I meditate, look at random stuff of the internet, go walking somewhere, listen to music,do community service, go on FAF,Read,Write,hang out with friends,Mod a game,and if I'm bored and don't want to do anything aforementioned then sometimes I go sit in my backyard and lay on the grass looking at birds.


Fresh Prince of FAF
School. Yiff. FAF. Nom nom. Occasional weed. More nomnom. Sleep.


Admurrable Admurral
All sorts of fabulous things, I use most of my free time on the computer, or working at a tea shop or a coffee shop, I also listen to a lot of music, sing, and sometimes act, or dance. Me and my friends recently made a Ministry of Silly Walks and Funny Smiles. Sometimes I draw. :D OH and I smoke a lot of weed. :3

Beta Link

Not a Bird
Browse FA, play ancient video games (Intellivision ftw), browse and post on various other forums, or listen to music... Sometimes I read, draw, or write.


Run a rifle range, coach new shooters, paintball, web development, slowly take over the world. Ah who am I kidding, I cant code html at all.


New Member
reading, listening to music, playing music, drawing, thinking, and taking long walks on the beach, well, maybe not the last one, but otherwise that's what I like to do in my free time... Oh, of coarse there's the internet too.