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Furry Haters


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They don't like the shitty "OwO" and "UwU" jokes. Can't blame'em, I don't like'em either. OwO


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To be fair, the community doesn't always show itself in the best light.
What probably 'shines' through the most is the immature (and oftentimes cringeworthy) behavior, and loads of ... um, unconventional porn. Nothing sells a community quite like seeing Sonic characters getting inflated and vored (sorry to anyone who's actually into that)


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I think it can be narrowed down to three main factors:

- Personality
People in the furry fandom tend to be much more open and positive with their feelings and expression, to a degree that feels comical to the average onlooker, and makes them uncomfortable like a second-hand embarrassment. Some people take the as an offense to their dignity I suppose.

- Design
Furries are a very diverse subject, so there are going to be designs in the fandom that, to outsiders, might seem uncanny or strange to them.

- Sexuality (Cw)
A lot of kinks and subcultures make their way into the fandom and kinda develop their own genres, but unfortunately in some cases people do nasty things which makes rounds through the internet, and be misinterpreted as a representation of the fandom. While abhorrent behavior like bestiality or pedophilia is not acceptable, it isn't uniquely inherent to the fandom, and more a symptom of the medium of internet cultures as a whole.

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It's actually a lot less hated than it used to be over the years from my experience. I rarely come across any nasty comments towards furries.


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From my experience, the entirety of the furry hate I've witnessed has revolved around the sexuality thing.

Even with the kinks, there are certain lines you simply do not cross in society and the furries that do cross those lines get amplified a ton compared to the norm.

Get away from that and I've seen jokes and skits, but no outright HATE.


I still see the occasional "furry gas chamber" pictures or the "1 like/repost = 1 dead furry" or the varying con-shooting memes and all that.

I think furries are targeted for being different and are largely only accepted by each other. And of course, things like fursuits and the sexual aspects of any subculture are always going to be unpopular with out-groups.

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I hear that twice in a few days but I've not seen any in a while, then again I'm not looking for it

On the other hand I would like to find the furry hatters, I've been looking for a furry hat for a long time

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But what if you're a furry and a hater? Does that make you a Nazi-fur?

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Ok, so what about this guy? Does this make him a furry hater, or someone who likes to satirize the fandom? Maybe he is a furry himself?


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Ok, so what about this guy? Does this make him a furry hater, or someone who likes to satirize the fandom? Maybe he is a furry himself?

I've seen a lot of people commenting they drew the furries too well/had too much fun drawing them.


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It’s the age-old “woah, this person did a bad thing, so everyone like them must also be bad!!” philosophy that seems to affect pretty much any fandom that becomes substantially popular.


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I thought the FlashGitz videos were hilarious, personally, because of their over-the-top absurdism.

Increasingly, it's seeming like furry haters these days are mostly middle schoolers desperately trying to be edgy and cool; old goons who haven't gotten the memo that it's not 2009 anymore; and Karens, prudes, bigots, and curmudgeons who basically hate everything.


Egotism, self-entitlement, and elitism. This goes in any fandom, but I've honestly met more rational Sonic fans than people on the main site. I don't hate people, until they give me a reason.


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Because we're out of the "norm."

That's literally it.

We're "weird" so people will now look everywhere for every shred of "evidence that all furries are bad" (such as the small minority of zoophiles and people who don't respect boundaries) to justify them hating us, or just straight up admit they dislike us solely because we like something that they don't. It's the same reason people hate people who like anime, certain video games, and more serious communities like gay and trans people.

People hate what they don't understand.