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(Commission) Selling: Furry/Human Digital Art 40-100£ (approx. 50-130$)


Slime! Heaven! Now!
Character Commission 40-100£ (approx. 50-130$)


Get nice digital art based on a character of your choice, human, anthro or otherwise, I can also freehand you a gijinka/furry version of your character.
You can choose pose, emotion, clothes, level of detail, etc.

One revision available after sketch, none after it's finished (except colours).
Full-or part body does not influence price, level of effort and detail does!
All art will be good quality, digital art, tidy, lined, flat-colored and cell-shaded.
All art will have a readable signature, but no watermark. The signature may not be removed. You may repost (with credit), use for rp, icons, or the like.

Payment up front, or half up front and half after sketch was completed and approved by client. If it takes longer than 40 days for me to get done I'll offer you a refund (no art), or you can wait more if you want. Payment via Ko-Fi or PayPal (Ko-Fi is easier for me lbr).

I expect to be able to reach you, the client, over DMs, be it here, Discord, TH, email or otherwise.
I'm happy to negotiate (in advance) on just about everything, from price to revisions, coloring, shading etc.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me! There are no 'stupid' questions, so long it's a genuine one :)

Discord: bid#2052
Email: boringisdull at gmail dot com
Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/boringisdull/
Toyhouse: https://toyhou.se/BID
Art Blog: https://bid-art.tumblr.com

(No mechas, no robots, NSFW tentative. You may not use art for commercial purposes unless previously discussed and agreed. )
(20% extra of agreed price if you want me do work without visual reference. Collage of images counts as reference, I don't need a character sheet ;) )

Art examples:

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