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(Base/YCH) Selling: Furry/human YCH - $13-$45 range, different options


YCH open!!
Will do
-Human and furry
-With lingerie or naked (I wont explicity draw genitals -basically it'd be a little doll like or hairy-, but boobs: yes)

Options and samples:
-Clean sketch only $13 !! color of your choice - sta.sh: 191001-kirsa
-Rough painted $25 - sta.sh: Lunazol2
-Detailed painted $45 - sta.sh: Palprofile

Extra sample somewhere between rough/detailed - sta.sh: Cris2aaa2

3 slots per pose!! PAYMENT WISE: I will ask for sketch payment to be sent full upfront; for painted ones it can be: half of payment upfront - I show you the rough/sketch version - you pay the other half - I finish and deliver it. It can be talked and all but I won't work if I'm not paid at least a part upfront.