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Furry in the cold north called Wisconsin


The Arcane Sage
WOW, talk about necro an old thread. You just replied to some one who posted more than 6 years ago! I am not sure if they are even still here.
Nope, just checked, they have not posted in over years... sorry about that but you should check first.
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I live in Madison Wisconsin currently! Im pretty dang alone too, and jsut would want to have a friend to hang out with listen to music or go out and do things with! :p Not to mention share art, discuss fursuits etc

The King Maker

First Of A Dying Breed
Well, consider this thread resuscitated. It seems more Wisconsinites have joined since the initial posting.

Anyways, Village of Eagle. 45 min outside of Milwaukee. Thankfully it means you don't have to drive too far for Midwest Furfest.


Pfft. I thought no one lived here in this barren capital city.