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Furry instincts...

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Option7 said:
I'm not denying that we fucked up big time. But, do you see a dolphin with an internal combustion engine? I think not.

yeah, but do you ever see any of them wearing pants either? eh? eh? I think not. we've done a few things right


well ive caught myself doing alot of animalistic stuff. but what happens to me the most is dodging things that i did not even see coming at me. this happens to me daily at school.
along with walking around on my toes, biting, growling shaking when I get wet and I have a very realistic howl. it is alot of fun.
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I do many animalistic things....

I've never really thought anything of it, but other people really look at me funny sometimes....

(That's what I get for being a Therian...)



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Hmm, let's see...
I caught myself biting when of my friends when we were wrestling, it caught me and him off guard ^^;;
I occasionally catch myself walking on my tiptoes, and after a shower I always shake my hair out. Oh, and I'm super passionate for frisbee ^^;;


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my ears twich in directions from certain pitched sounds.
also whenever i get in trouble my ears feel heavy.
that's about it`
This thread is dumb, but I'll contribute anyway.
I have remarkable night-vision and climbing abilities.
I only make people noises. That other shit is just weird though.

Edit: I regularly stalk instead of walking. I mean like the special forces do. I'm still not very stealthy though.
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Closest thing I can say is I love sledging. ive perfectected my style to the toboganing style of a penguin. i love the speed the ice on my face and the wind flying over my back. but this is more to do with my obsession with penguins in the early part of my life.
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