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Furry last names and "John Human" syndrome


Can't Sleep, Flying Hedgehogs
My fursona doesn't really have a last name at this point, I've just been going as "Eeva" for the last little while. When I actually was solely an eevachu (as in a pikachu/eevee thing) I went by the name "Jay Leep", which is a name based on my real name.

I really want to make a furry character who's last name is "Human" now. xD

Link Wolf

Well, I wanna control Pop Star
Daaaahahah, yeah I know my name sucks. :U If it's any consolation, I used to go by Jackie Randa (a name I still rather like).

I was dubbed "Link Wolf" by someone I met at the very first fur con I went to. Upon seeing my craptastic cosplay outfit she screamed LINK WOLF!! at the top of her lungs whenever she saw me. It kinda stuck.

Plus I was much more of a Zelda fantard then than I am now.

At least it's not a crappy LOLferal name like "Frezindeth Wonkwonk Wonderwazzle BluepinkIforgot Moomoo Bunnyballs the Zillionth."


Lux Aeterna
my name came from... some random ideas going through my head xD

my fursona is of a fennec fox, but couldn't find any good names for fennec, so I put nekofox (originally neko was supposed to be a regular guys name, but I later realized it was japanese for cat, so more power to meh!)

Diem Adrienne

New Member
I guess my fursona name could be Diem Adrienne... but it's not a first and last name. It's two entities combined in one... er something.

I have several screen names as crimsonkitsune (dA and various other things) or yaminokitsune6 (AIM) and my fursona is a cat. Muahahaa! ::coff::