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Furry Movie Titles


blue sky love

Here is a game where we all alter the names of movies to make them more furry-esque.

For example:
Instead of "Billy Madison", let's call it "Filly Madison"!

Instead of "Amusement", why not call it "A-mew-sment"?

Instead of "The Wizard of Oz", how about "The Lizard of Pawz"?

Ash Sukea

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Thomas Crown Affair ~~Thomas Crowned Crane Affair.

Laws of Attraction ~~Cause of a Rat’s sin

Naruto ~~ Neighruto

Die Hard ~~ Deer Herd


aka Cutter Cat
I made like 20 Furry Movie posters for Fangcon. I'll trickle feed them in for everyone's enjoyment. Pardon the advertising.


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Indiana Bones and the Raiders of the Lost Bark?
The Fast and the Furry (Us).
The Pawspank Redemption
Pup Fiction
Apocalypse Cow
Monty Python and the Holy Tail