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Furry Movie Titles


aka Cutter Cat
Let me go ahead and put up another one for you, @The Fluffy MC (president) ... This is one of my favorites.



kleptomaniac for knowledge
Saw - paw
Final destination - final destineightion
Shawn of the dead - shawn of the ted
The worlds end - the wolves end
Click - chick
P.s. the names are cheap, but the movies are great,


aka Cutter Cat
I have a question, 1. How many do you have? And 2. How much time in what i think is photoshop making these master pieces?

Yes, it is done in Photoshop. I have lots of these. I have done them over several years promoting different conventions or just for fun. I have some that have taken as little as fifteen minutes, (Close Encounters of the Furred Kind) to the first one I ever did, Animal House, that took a couple of days. You have to remember that I was still pretty green when I did the first one. The one above was fairly simple. It took maybe an hour or less. I've been doing Photoshop for about fifteen years, so that helps. lol.
Here's a crossover mish mash of Aliens, Star Wars, and Spaceballs. It's Furballs!


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Jojo Rabbit
Birds of Prey
The Hunt for Red Setter
Eat Prey Yiff
The Invisible Manticore
Monster Skink

And a random one for the Anime lovers:
Bara site


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One for the skunks: The Stinking of the Bismark

Bridge over the River Wyvern
The Good, the Bad and the Pugly
A Fistful of Dog Collars
Fight Cub
The Sound of Emu Sick
The Hurt Cocker Spaniel
Requiem for a Bream
12 Bears a Slave


aka Cutter Cat
OK... Here's another one from the vault.



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Okay! Disney-palooza! Avoiding the obvious ones like Bambi and Dumbo that are all animals anyway...

For the sharks: Finderella
Peter Pangolin
20,000 Leagues Under the Seal
Mary Pawpins (which is pretty much how Dick Van Dyke pronounced it)
Furbie Goes Bananas
The Wizard of Fuzz
Dragon Layer (err... someone might have actually done this, do NOT google!)
Pron (Also do not google!!!)
The Little Fur Maid
James and the Giant Bitch
Umm... Furcules?