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Furry music? Does it exist?


One of the members of Slick Idiot is a furry and on this site as well. :p


Shit, uhm...I think they got a furry band to perform at FA:U o.o You'd have to check the info on that though. And once you got that band's myspace, I'm sure you could find more furry bands.

mca_jabberwocky said:
I would like to point out that Mic genocide is a ferret fur and the lead singer(if I remember correctly) to the punk band Arc of vomit. so that may or may not count.

Hey! I like the ref to DK's in your av!


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Not to advertise or anything, but I myself make my own Furry-themed and Inspired music.


Mostly trance/techno/rave/eurobeat kinda stuff

But I've got alot of original singles and both a 30min and Hour long Original Mix...


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dj-ZAKU said:

That video made me wanna
If you mean music written for furries, there's plenty of it out there. Look at all the "furry" bands that gig at cons. Unfortunately, they seem to be merely novelty acts; writing about cuddling and yiffing and all that cutesy crap. I want to see a furry band ponder the relation between man and beast, in a dreamlike passage. I want to see them tackle social struggles and class wars, and the struggling artist. This is just my opinion.


A fur of my acquaintance the other day suggested Goldfrapp are a furry band, based on lyrics (which I haven't sat down and looked through yet) and some of the imagery they used (the "Strict Machine" vid comes to mind). I haven't been able to confirm yet if they've ever said anything about this, though I live in hope as I love that group quite a bit


Well I thought someone would post this. I guess I have to:


(Of course, all people from Iceland can turn into polar bears ;P)

And I saw this one on fchan:

Spinal said:
oh god no

i'd managed to forget (the Furry Song) till now :(

You feel bad? Think how i feel; people won't let me forget it. :) Also, that Youtube video irritates me a bit because nothing happens in it except for the lyrics. Not so much as one badly animated anthro fox. If people are going to make unsolicited videos of my songs, it absolutely has to be cooler than this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faGkcs-x9sE

Thematically i've moved on from feelgood sweeping generalisations to actual songs; i've written songs about long distance Internet relationships (Maybe One Day), phantom tails (Human Tail), fursonas as ideals (I should really be a bird), songs with animal noises in them (Raar!) or even just everyone's favourite word in the universe (YIFF!) and irritated rants (Furry Outburst) among others, partly just because i'd be writing music anyway and partly to get other people thinking about what "furry music" can be.

Other people are same idea, different form: Bucktown Tiger is rapping as a member of the furry community. The Furry Music Foundation (none of the specifically furry music on there has ever appealed to me personally) will have more examples.

I don't think furry music will ever fall down to being an actual sound as such (the way that hip-hop, acid, metal or country are a sound with particular familiar elements to each of them), because although there's definitely a community of us posting stuff on FA (and places like it) i think there's too much diversity in the backgrounds of the musicians posting their wares for an actual sound to arise. Personally i think its great getting to listen to rap one second and then happening upon deeply experimental stuff the next, and then not knowing what the next furry song will sound like.

So if furry music exists, it's furry music for following a particular theme or muse (be it the experiences of the furry community, or using anthropomorphic animals as devices) instead of following particular structures, and that nicely parallels furry literature and furry art where there's no particular plot that has to be followed or material/technique used respectively. Then the distinction can be made between music made about furries (members of the furry community or anthro animals) by furries (analogous to the art on FA), or music made by other people with furry-interest themes (analogous to something like Robin Hood or Secret of NIMH).

No apologies for length, because that's where i'm stopping except to post one last link: a song i did called High Flier built around a sample from Womble of the Universe by the Wombles. They performed on TV and in person in womble costumes and were reportedly quite popular at gay clubs. (If you don't know who the Wombles are because you're too young or not part of the British Commonwealth where they were popular, google them.)


I know of all of the above and re-write popular songs to have a furry content. But I refuse to perform since I am a godawful singer and highly untrained. So my skits will remain written! :p
Michael Jackson's definitely had some furry overtones in the presentation of his music before. He's morphed from the form of a panther in Moonwalker, turned into a werelynx in Thriller, and of course earlier in Moonwalker he dressed up in a fursuit and became an anthropomorphic rabbit to escape rabid fanboys on scooters.

He's more than messed up enough to be one of us, but way too musically talented to fit in. :)

M. LeRenard

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If Peter and the Wolf is 'furry music', then so is "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict".
By the way, if you haven't listened to that song, go do it now. It's awesome.


The Italian scremo band Raein had a song named "Tigersuit". Dunno if anyone of you is into screamo, but it's not a bad song after all. Though the lyrics aren't referring to the furry community imho, they're simply a metaphor - but nvm ;)


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I am officially in a band again, and I'm suggesting furry lyrics, so we might get some references. Our band rocks, our guitarist is a genius and our bassist was trained by the best.


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not sure if this was posted yet or not, too lazy to go look, but check this out. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/426977/


If it counts I am attempting to flesh out a furry virtual band called "Vida Astral". Nothing really furrier than that currently, although I do plan on writing some songs somewhat related to furry. Maybe a song about an outsider's point of view of furries?

EDIT: Here's the MySpace Music page for the project, an FA page will follow when it comes back up.http://www.myspace.com/vidaastral
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I'm actually composing a bunch of instrumental songs that are supposed to have furry undertones, but they mainly focus on the fantasy of anthropomorphics.

Some songs that I've composed:
A Leopard's Summer Vacation
Lady of the East Country
Waltz of the Snow Leopard
Everlasting Anthromance (portmanteau of "anthro" and "romance")