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furry music


Fat-Roll Spelunker
I for one, would like very much to see a furry Burzum (Performs all the instruments themselves).

I do that, actually. A good chunk of my music even has strong black metal influences. Though, stylistically it's very different from Burzum. More like a mix of old school death metal, black metal, and strong gothic textures

I play all my own instruments too.... lead, & rhythm guitar, bass (4 string, and fretless 6-string), keyboards, and vocals. Only thing I create w/ samples is the drums, since A) I could never afford the monster kit required to satisfy my needs B) I totally lack the skills, and for that matter physical stamina to play the kinda stuff required in this genre (Hell, I can barely get up a flight of stairs these days without sucking wind) and C) Properly micing a live drum kit requires alot of space, time, and specialized equipment I just don't have the room for, let alone afford.

You can hear my stuff here, if you like:


Un Tiss Un Tiss Un Tiss
there are no furry dance musicians (including myself) who are doing anything innovative in the realm of production or changing the face of anything. In fact I'd be willing to bet money that most of them are actually holding their fans back from current trends and new exciting things happening in dance, lol.

we have some good DJs though - there's a handful who are really doing cool stuff.